Perfect of CBC’s Harper-Derangement Syndrome – press pass typos ‘story’


CBC reporters like Kirk Williams can’t hide their glee whenever they post childish crap like this:

kirk williams

I asked Williams if he had no real news yesterday to report on and if he has never made a typo – no answer back of course.

And Williams wasn’t the only publicly-paid CBC journalist thinking this was news as CBC ran it as a news story:

Typos in Prime Minister’s Office press pass induce mockery on Twitter (see here)

And CBC’s As It Happens gets into the act:

cbc as it happens

And CBC’s The National even included it in their telecast last night – another proud moment for Peter Mansbridge.

I honestly cannot hate the CBC more then when I see this type of juvenile ‘reporting’ done on the taxpayers’ dime especially when they do everything they can to ignore or play-down gaffes by Trudeau (see here).


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  1. jacksnewswatch2013jack Says:

    Good one. I caught the original story and it goes up tomorrow morning. I’ll add your link to it because this story truly shows how juvenile the CBC is.


    On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 12:26 PM, BC Blue: One BC Conservative’s view on it

  2. Ken Says:

    Hi Dean. Always enjoy your blog posts. My hunch on this spelling mistake is that it was committed by a staff member whose first language is French. British Columbia in French is Colombie Britannique. Therefore, not an unreasonable spelling mistake for a francophone to make. The absence of an apostrophe in the possessive form (which does not exist in French) is also another telling sign of a francophone using English as a second language. So is the CBC making fun of a francophone staff member whose second language is English? How racist and intolerant of them!! Having worked in the federal civil service in Ottawa many, many, years ago this type of thing was considered quite normal as people struggled to write in the other official language.

    I also came across this story about the now infamous Senator Nancy Ruth which gave me a good laugh, and I thought you might enjoy:

    Keep up the good work Dean!

    • Jen Says:

      Anyone of French or Spanish speaking background always pronounce such words like Columbia with Colombia. I do it regularly and I speak both English and Spanish. Colombia is much easier to use than Columbia

  3. burton Says:

    Juvenile doesn’t begin to describe it – However, I’m sure The Huffington Post’s Althia Raj would “dye” from laughter.

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