Press Gallery member exposed at trial taking money from Mike Duffy


Just when you think the Media Party’s secrets couldn’t get any dirtier, this comes to light:

The court record shows that, in 2010, Bourrie was issued a $500 cheque by one of Duffy’s contractors for what appeared to be “Web site analysis.”

Mark Bourrie is a rabid anti-Harper fanatic who recently appeared as a media panelist at the NDP front-group, Broadbent Institute alongside fellow Harper-Derangement Syndrome sufferer Michael Harris:



Do you think Bourrie told the Broadbent people he had taken money previously from Duffy?

The Parliamentary Press Gallery has confirmed that Bourrie was a member during this time:

Gallery staff confirmed Wednesday that Bourrie was a Gallery member in 2010 at the time he took Duffy’s money and remains a member as of Wednesday, listed on the Gallery’s Web site as a freelancer. (see here)

How long has the Press Gallery known about this and how many members are or have been paid under the table by politicians or political parties?

The Media Party’s glee over using the Duffy trial to take down Harper has now had the tables turned on them – hilarious if it wasn’t so disgusting.




8 Responses to “Press Gallery member exposed at trial taking money from Mike Duffy”

  1. Deryk Says:

    But won’t the media party just bury this story?

  2. Jen Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise that there are many reporters out there being paid to keep quiet.

  3. Fay Says:

    I suspect this is a drop in the bucket!

  4. Jen Says: . Not surprising of Liz May to bash Canada internationally. Greece need every job possible to improve their country and here is this piece of work of May trying to stop their growth

  5. Liz J Says:

    Michael Harris will be a media regular from now through the election but his Harper Derangement Syndrome/HDS is so well known it will have no effect. He’s had it since Harper was in favour of going with our traditional allies on Iraq. Harris got even more bitter when he was fired from his daily talk show on CFRA Ottawa…..we can only assume there were complaints and his ratings were very low.

    This Duffy trial may have some unexpected consequences for the Harper haters. The whole thing is a circus… can the accused have a fair trial when all these buffoons are making a mockery of the process by trying to make it all about Harper and the Conservative Party? It’s about the operations in the Senate, there needs to be a clean-up, this trial should be as much about the Senate as Duffy. At this point can the accused expect a fair trial with so much of the it being discussed outside the court?

    BTW, is Chretien and the LPC being blamed for the Mac Harb charges?

  6. Another Media Party member exposed at Duffy trial – received $7,000 for writing one speech | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Press Gallery member Mark Bourrie had been paid by Duffy to look for people harassing him online (see here) and now we find out Montreal Gazette’s L. Ian MacDonald received $7,000 to write a single […]

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