Liberal’s national campaign member calls iPolitics story on Trudeau “bullshit”

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iPolitics’ Janice Dickson posted a story about how Liberal leader Justin Trudeau bailed on campaigning with the Nova Scotia Liberals to avoid answering questions on their film tax credit cut:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is weathering a social media backlash over a decision made by the Nova Scotia Liberal government.

While Trudeau’s office says he cancelled his visit to Masstown Market on Thursday because of scheduling reasons, they refused to disclose what changed his schedule. They did, however, confirm that Trudeau will be in Halifax all day Wednesday and, after returning to Toronto for meetings on Thursday, will resume his planned tour of the Atlantic provinces through the weekend. (see here)

And the Liberals do not like Trudeau to ever be questioned by the media as this tweet sent to me shows:

kirk coxWhatever right? Except Cox also happens to sit on the Liberal’s national election committee:

kirk cox 1Imagine the Media Party reaction if someone from the Conservative’s election committee called an article about Harper “bullshit”.


3 Responses to “Liberal’s national campaign member calls iPolitics story on Trudeau “bullshit””

  1. Says:

    And now with no SNN there is no other narrative on TV

  2. Liz J Says:

    Appears some of the shine is going out of the Pony’s hair according to latest polling, not doubt that will be dismissed as bullshit as well.

    His handlers are going to be busy brushing like crazy as we roll around to October election. He can run but he can’t hide his incompetence in world affairs and economics. It’s not a gamble the people appear willing to take when they take the time to THINK for themselves rather than voting according to media headlines which truly is ********.

  3. Joseph Says:

    Leisuresuit Larry seems to be risk adverse which contravenes the liberal narrative about how brave his dad was when he refused to leave the parade stand during the quebec provincial holiday while the separatists where throwing refuse at him.
    Refusing to face criticism under the guise of wanting a photo-op with visiting dignitary eh?
    Does Leisuresuit Larry know how the Indian PM feels about islamic terrorists and what should be done about them?

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