Liberals in disarray after Trudeau confirms he’s open to coalition with NDP

trudeau zoolander

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau opened his mouth today and once again firmly jammed his foot in it:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he might be more open to the idea of forming a coalition with the NDP — if Thomas Mulcair was not its leader. (see here)

This is after Trudeau has repeatedly denied being in favour of a coalition just back in December:

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau ruled out a coalition government, called climate change a serious threat and promised a national inquiry into murdered and missing women in a wide-ranging, year-end interview with Postmedia’s Mark Kennedy in his Parliament Hill office on Friday (see here)

This of course begs the question whether the Liberal caucus was in on Trudeau’s coalition flip-flop? And as his communication director tries to do damage control, it’s pretty obvious they were not:

purchase coalition

You’ll notice how many Media Party members were quick to help Purchase spread the word – too late though as Trudeau’s hidden agenda is no longer a secret.


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