Media protected Alberta NDP during election including leader Rachel Notley attending anti-oil rally



After the stunning defeat of the corrupt Alberta PCs Tuesday night by the NDP, one of the biggest media-related stories to emerge was how they refused to investigate and report on any of the NDP candidates during the election.

Only just now are they partially exposing the rabble of Lefty students and activists:

The screen captures taken from Drever’s now-closed personal Facebook account include the 26-year-old sociology student drinking alcohol, wearing an empty box of beer on her head and posing in front of a pro-marijuana sweatshirt, as well as a photo of a hand giving the middle finger to a Canadian flag, which included a comment from Drever stating “OH JKJKJKJK LOVE CANADA!” (see here)


Imagine the Media Party firestorm if it were a Wildrose or Conservative candidate caught posting a photo giving the middle finger to our flag.

Then there was the case of the National Post’s Jen Gerson shielding a NDP candidate who wrote he was contemplating suicide because of the criticisms he was receiving:


And the answer to your question is yes, this guy is now an elected member of the Alberta government’s caucus:


If Gerson had an ounce of integrity, she would resign and if the National Post had an ounce of ethics, they would fire her.

But by far the most egregious example of how the media protected the NDP was given to me by Rob Rheaume who unearthed this photo-gem:


Yup, that’s Alberta’s new premier Rachel Notley standing behind an anti-oil fanatic. Nice huh?

And not a single Alberta journalist knew about Notley being at this event right?:

Activists with Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Keepers of the Athabasca and Occupy Edmonton have united to call on governments to address climate change.

The group held a rally at the legislature Saturday afternoon, a day they have named Occupy the Climate.

MLA for Edmonton-Strathcona Rachel Notley told those in attendance she supported their call for action. (see here)

Now tell me these ‘professional’ journalists won’t be doing the exact same thing during the upcoming federal election in order to help the NDP, Green and Liberal candidates against the Conservatives.

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  1. Centurion Says:

    The Conservatives will have to do their best to get such measures out in public. It’s been a given since the 2004 inception of the party that the media have campaigned against it, and particularly against its leader. The CBC’s journos believe the gov’t is trying to suppress the CBC by financially starving it. They see the only way the Crown corporation can survive is by electing a Liberal or NDP gov’t. If that wasn’t enough, the journos hate Harper largely because he won’t answer enough of their questions and rarely gives interviews. It is already a nasty campaign and will get worse as October gets closer.

  2. Fay Says:

    Media party manipulating the message.
    The Winnipeg Free Pass manipulating the message for the NDP for 16 years and counting in Manitoba!

  3. Liz J Says:

    Is this not skirting interference with the electoral process by hiding facts all voters have a right to know before casting their ballots?
    Would this information not be of importance to Albertans concerned about their bread and butter,prosperity, job security?
    Would the Wild Rose party have risen to power if this were exposed?
    What happened here should be a warning for all conservatives to do their own investigating by all means possible to counter what should be considered corruption in media reporting……tinkering with or ignoring facts that run counter to their shameless anti-conservative agenda.

  4. Jen Says:

    Liz, It is a good thing that international leaders are fully aware of our PM and have given him credit and praise. If those leaders who btw have the same one-sided type of reporters in their country like ours, were to believe our one-sided rhetoric media, probably they wouldn’t have done business with our PM and Canada.

    Some Canadian reporters are as juvenile as the Ndpers. No wonder reporters like Dean, Daniel Dickins and a few others, are the only grown up reporters out there. Not even Evan or Fife or Barton and whoever of that category can fit into the mold with grown-up reporters.
    Rachel Nutley is as juvenile as her inept followers who have no idea the meaning between Tarsands and Oil sands.

    • Liz J Says:

      Jen I think they know the difference between tar sands and oil sands, calling it the tar sands fits the enviro activist agenda , tar sounds much more threatening to the environment. Truth about the Oil sands, truth in reporting, has long left the building.

      When it comes to showing respect for PM Harper how about Omar Khadr’s lawyer calling him a bigot who hates Muslims? This is uncalled for and and cries out for litigation.

  5. Jen Says:

    They say that Rachel Notley ran a ‘flawless’ campaign with the help of media. But what we might see without the media’s help:
    A massive flawless exit of companies and jobs leaving behind countless of unemployed Albertans and probably Canada as a whole.
    Countless of dimwit reporters will lose their jobs especially when shareholders decide to cancel their shares to Newspaper industries.

    Omar was in Gitmo from 2001-2006 when both fmr. LIBERAL PMs, Chretien and Paul Martin were in power. At no time did I hear from the media nor daily ranting and screaming from the mps in HOC, demanding the release of Omar Khadr, nor have I heard from this commie lawyer berate, insult ridicule Chretien or Paul Martin for leaving his prize package Omar in prison all those years. Yet this ass for a lawyer has a problem with PM Harper? What a frigging joke he is for a lawyer.

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