Trudeau’s top adviser attacks cabinet minister James Moore after resigning due to special needs son


Minister of Industry James Moore announced his retirement yesterday:

Moore, who announced Friday afternoon that he will not be running in the upcoming federal election, said it was recent “difficult news” about the health of his two-year-old son Spencer that made him refocus his priorities.

Spencer suffers from a rare bone disease and “it’s very challenging” to balance family needs and responsibilities as an MP, Moore said during an interview with CBC News. (see here)

But instaed of congratulating Moore on a long political career, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s top adviser Gerald Butts once again proves to be unfit for the powerful position his has been given:


You have to wonder about the mental stability of someone who automatically attacks like this without even bothering finding out what the details were behind a politician’s resignation.

After being exposed, Butts immediately deleted the tweet and apologized:

butts 2

But in no way does that excuse his vile behaviour. If any Liberal staffer besides Butts had written that, they would have been immediately fired.

Also: I normally would never post an image from someone’s personal Facebook page but since James Moore’s account is open for everyone to see I don’t believe I’m intruding on his privacy and it is the best ‘political’ FB post that I have ever seen:


The caption Moore included reads: “Arrived home last night at midnight in Port Moody to the perfect affirmation of my decision ‪#‎lawnsign2015‬


4 Responses to “Trudeau’s top adviser attacks cabinet minister James Moore after resigning due to special needs son”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Senior Liberal “Statesman ” Irwin Cottler threw doubt on Moore’s reason for leaving say he “APPARENTLY” had family problems.
    Why make a statement at all if you don’t know the facts?

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  3. Liz J Says:

    There is no excuse for attacking anyone who decides to leave politics. Politics is difficult for people with young families and especially so for someone who has a child with special needs. Butts et al showed vile ignorance and extreme desperation by shooting off their mouths and no amount of apologizing can take it back. It’s unacceptable, so is their apology.

    It may be a Liberal idea to make politics a career but it’s not a good thing, they should be allowed two terms, that’s a long commitment for anyone. People like Hedy Fry or Goodale or McCallum are examples of people who have stayed too long at the fair.

    Let’s ask Butts how many fled the Librano ship after the lengthy Chretien/Martin dual that divided and reduced them to third party status…it was more than 30.

    We need to start looking at Mulcair, he’s more dangerous than the Butt Liberals who are doing a good job of defeating themselves.

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