NDP’s Nathan Cullen joins Trudeau’s top adviser in attacking resigning Conservative minister


Nathan Cullen not only ran for the leadership of the NDP but is also their Finance Critic so if (Lord help us) the NDP ever form government, Cullen would be our Finance Minister which makes his nasty tweet about James Moore resigning more than just another Lefty nutbar spouting off inside the NDP caucus:


So now we have Trudeau’s top adviser, Gerald Butts (see here) and Mulcair’s top MP both showing that their first instinct is to use Moore’s retirement to attack – that’s all you need to know about them and their leaders.


7 Responses to “NDP’s Nathan Cullen joins Trudeau’s top adviser in attacking resigning Conservative minister”

  1. Jen Says:

    Wasn’t Nathan Cullen who said that the NDP will shut down the ‘oil sands and pipelines and incoming tankards to the port of BC?
    Yes they will.
    Canadians from coast to coast from the Maritimes to Quebec to Ontario BC etc who work at the oil sands or build equipment of all sorts for the oil sands will ALL LOSE THEIR JOBS after the NDP shut down the jobs.

    Yet, every day, the NDP rail on the gov for the lack of jobs and, here’s the best part, the high price of gas at the pumps.
    I thought this moron and his socialist NDP want to shut down the nation of its jobs yet bitch send complain the price of goods too high and the high price oil is too high or too low.
    Bottom line to the NDP strategy is to create a ‘welfare’ state where innocent Canadians will then become the ‘ward’, of the state to dictate and use.

  2. Jen Says:

    BTW, a guest on today’s CTV QP, said that a senate audit was also done in 1988. And, of course, during Mulroney and Liberals years in gov from 1988 -2005, nothing was done to clean up the mess. Yet it PM Harper fault not the others who is blamed by the media and opposition for the senate mess from years ago.

  3. Ann Stampfer Says:

    These two disgraceful apologies for men need to resign from any public office. At least if Cullen has decent people in his riding, they can vote him out. But how can we dispose of that dreadful Gumbutt.

  4. hockeygail46 Says:

    These lefties are nothing but pieces of ………… Absolutely no consideration for the difficult times that lie ahead for James Moore, his wife, and their young child. I don’t think he had another option other than quitting politics to be at home to support his wife and child. He also needs lots of support right now. Of course the lefties don’t consider this – they are all about POWER. Bastards.

  5. Liz J Says:

    There are some nice people in politics, people who respect others and work hard for those who elect them, then there those who haven’t evolved past their school playground attitudes. Cullen seems like a very angry man, wild eyed at times, lashing out beyond what is reasonable. Dealing with these desperate for power folks it’s impossible to have intelligent, meaningful debate, they set a tone which derails it.

    God bless James Moore and his little family.

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