Ex-National Bureau reporter now spokesperson for secretive anti-Conservative ad group Engage Canada

trudeau unifor dias

Reading this story on third-party groups running political attack ads, the name of the spokesperson for Engage Canada caught my eye:

Engage Canada, another group launched earlier this month by former NDP and Liberal strategists, claims to be non-partisan. On Friday, it launched a new television ad targeting the Conservative approach to health care.

The group did not respond to a request for an interview on Friday but it issued a statement instead.

“Engage Canada is operating with the current legislative framework,” spokesperson Jessica Hume said in an email. (see here)

You see, there was a Jessica Hume who worked for Sun Media (see here) and the thought came to mind how repulsive it would be for a journalist to become part of such an underhanded political group whose funding sources are unknown.

And yup, you guessed it – someone tipped me off that it was the same Jessica Hume:

hume engage

So not only is the Canadian media funding these ads through their union dues at Unifor, they have one of their own helping run them.

*note* The photo above is of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and Unifor union president Jerry Dias

7 Responses to “Ex-National Bureau reporter now spokesperson for secretive anti-Conservative ad group Engage Canada”

  1. DW Says:


  2. Guffman Says:

    As we all well know by now, rules only apply to Conservatives. Anyone pushing an anti-Conservative agenda is given a free pass. Amazing that most Canadians are fine with this.

    • Greg Hollingsworth Says:

      In fact, the response of average Canadians doesn’t matter. They may hate the media (& Ottawa establishment, bureaucracy, etc.) attacks on the CPC. People I speak to do. But no one will ever know, cause it won’t be covered by that self same media.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Either Trudeau or Mulcair as PM would be the worst possible outcome of the election for this country at this time. The hatred the media have for all things Conservative, Stephen Harper in particular,is their driving force. These haters are willing to sacrifice the welfare of this country and it’s people on the strength of their extreme hate.

    Sometimes the worst has to happen before they can see beyond their blind hate and if they get their wish it’s a sure thing we will be in the worst of times. People living in Ontario are just starting to come to the reality of what they have elected, it’s getting them where it hurts, Alberta is in for some rude awakening before the next four years unfold, so goes TROC when the well is dry on handouts through Equalization and social programs. Socialists need other peoples’ money, working peoples’ money, no work, no money to pay taxes.

  4. Jen Says:

    We seem to have a lot of union cults around sucking and living off the public’s dues. What will happen to the union suckers when the well goes dries on them?

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