Federal public union funding charity’s Conservative attack at United Nations

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Buried deep in this story from CBC’s Dean Beeby titled “Canada Without Poverty charity challenges Harper govt Audits at UN in Geneva” is this little gem:

The Canadian Union of Public Employees provided special funding for McLachlan and another member of the group to travel to Geneva for the hearings. (see here)

More proof that union dues are being redirected to run political campaigns against the Conservative government same as this (see here) gets just a passing mention from the CBC of course.


You’ll never see Media Party members like Beeby digging deeply into anti-Conservative ‘charity’ groups and expose where their money comes from.



Vice-president of Liberal youth-wing sent out series of anti-Roma tweets

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The Liberal Party of Canada has a vicious little bigot sitting in an executive position:


Dunja Stajic is a long-time Liberal activist and vice-president, communications on the national executive of the Young Liberals of Canada. According to her LinkedIn profile, she is also the front office receptionist at Liberal premier Wade MacLauchlan’s office in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The trouble for Stajic began around eight in the morning on July 2, when she sent five tweets in just under 10 minutes. (see here)

4 days later and Stajic is still on the executive of the Liberal’s youth wing and apparently still employed by the PEI Liberal premier. Telling huh?

Update: Ex-Liberal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh is calling on Trudeau to remove Stajic:


Update: Stajic has now been forced out

Late Sunday evening Ricochet heard from Liberal sources that Stajic had resigned. This was confirmed shortly before 11 p.m. EST in a statement from president of the Young Liberals, Justin Kaiser. (see here)

But still not one word of this from any major media outlet.

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