Oakville Ontario’s Liberal mayor triples down on calling Harper ‘Hitler’

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After I broke the story about Oakville, Ontario mayor Rob Burton equating Conservative event security to Mussolini’s and Hitler’s murderous Blackshirts and Brownshirts (see here) a massive online campaign to have him removed from office ensued with the help of many Conservative supporters and cabinet ministers:

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This culminated with #ResignMayorBurton becoming the top Twitter hashtag in Canada:

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Yet he refused to apologise:

Discussing the furor over his remarks on Saturday, Burton initially said he would not apologize. 

“This political party is doing something that I don’t think fits the Canadian way. It has been seen before in the world and not in very nice places,” he said. “Jason Kenney should apologize to the Canadian people for this undermining of the rule of law.” (see here)

But then it became a national story:

The mayor of Oakville found himself under a barrage of online criticism when he wrote a tweet comparing Stephen Harper’s use of private security with those that protected Hitler and Mussolini. He has apologized for the implication, seen by some critics, that he was comparing Canadian veterans with fascist militias. (see here)

Even then Burton kept spouting his insanities:

“But I’m disappointed that we’ve lost track of the issue of a political party using a private security detail to detain a Canadian citizen without legal authority or cause,” referring to an incident during Harper’s campaign event in Mississauga Thursday, when a former Canadian Armed Forces sniper escorted a man out for trying to line up behind journalists to ask Harper a question.

Burton stood by his criticism of the Harper and the Conservatives, calling the incident “a political step that doesn’t fit with the Canada that … our vets defended.”

“I’m not associating Canada’s veterans with anything,” he said. “This is about what a political party is doing, not who they are using to do it. We’re sliding down a slippery slope here where private police forces are being used to undermine the rule of law in Canada.

“It’s a very disappointing development and it undermines the rule of law in Canada.”

After doing some research, Burton said Hitler and Mussolini were the only leaders he could find that had used private bodyguards. (see here)

And on top of that what CTV didn’t print was this from the on-air interview:

“Dressing the security detail to look like Mounties…” (Listen at apx 3:00 min mark here)

So besides being fully consumed by Harper Derangement Syndrome, Burton is also a damn liar.

He still needs to resign.

Oakville Ontario mayor calls veterans Conservatives hired, “mercenaries”


The Canadian Press ran a story yesterday titled “Conservatives bring in former soldiers for extra security on Harper’s campaign” (see here) which only real purpose was to make PM Stephen Harper look like a dictator and paranoid. For example, I caught CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn retweeting the story and calling these veterans “enforcers” – once outed, she immediately deleted it.

Then there was Rob Burton who is the mayor of Oakville, Ontario who tweeted this:

rob burton

I’ve sent his smear of our ex-military personnel to Oakville Royal Canadian Legion Branch #114 and will update if they respond.

This clown needs to be run out of office.

Also: I found a photo on the Liberal Party’s website of Burton (lower right) attending a partisan Liberal BBQ event:

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Update: Burton once donated $17,500 of the city’s money to the Liberals:

Burton, a longtime Liberal supporter who received a “good luck” phone call from Premier Dalton McGuinty just two days before last month’s municipal election, said if there are questions about the donations, the town’s existing integrity officer could do the job of looking into it. (see here)

Update: Burton has now doubled-down, equating PM Stephen Harper to Hitler and Mussolini:


Those links Burton posted will take you to Hitler’s SA and Mussolini’s Blackshirts – Oakville has an insane mayor.

Female Liberal candidate implies male Conservative opponent has small penis


Liberal candidate Kerry Cundal stepped way over the line with this sexist tweet directed at Conservative candidate Ron Liepert:

cundal liberal

Imagine the Liberal outcry if a male Conservative made a similar sexist remark about a female opponent.

Cundal should immediately apologise to Liepert and if she does not, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau should make an example of her to state that blatant sexism won’t be tolerated in the Liberal Party regardless if it’s directed at men.

h/t @calgaryrants 

NDP candidate exposed for tweets about women’s breasts, coat hanger abortion, comparing Harper to Hitler

guerbilsky ndp 2

NDP candidate Eric Guerbilsky might have been able to survive this nasty tweet about coat hanger abortions:


Or this one comparing Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Adolph Hitler:

guerbilsky ndp

The link Guebilsky included was to this Globe column by Tabathy Southey:

I wouldn’t normally write about the Prime Minister lambasting the New Democrats for failing to stop Hitler even though the party didn’t exist at the time. (see here)

You see, Guebilsky would have survived those tweets because even as crude and vile as they were, the vast majority of NDP voters and Media Party supporters agree with them.

Unfortunately though for Guebilsky he won’t survive this series of misogynistic tweets:

guerbilsky ndp 1

Because making jokes about cosmetic breast surgery and generally slagging women goes against everything the NDP is supposed to stand for.

He’s toast now.

Update: Guebilsky has also now been exposed as a liar:


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CBC’s General Manager of Programming agrees with my complaint filed against Mark Critch



critch 2

Below is the response from Sally Catto, General Manager of Programming CBC Television to my complaint (see here) filed with the CBC Ombudsman against Mark Critch:

Dear Mr. Skoreyko, 

Let me start by thanking you for taking the time to give us your feedback with respect to the issue you’ve raised regarding Mark Critch.

There’s no question that our on-air personalities are, in the public’s eyes, brand ambassadors for CBC and they bear a special responsibility in upholding CBC values, including on their personal social media profiles. Clearly, that didn’t happen here and we have brought this to Mark’s attention.

We continue to monitor this and note that there have been no further tweets on this subject from Mark.

Again, we appreciate your feedback.

Sally Catto

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