Elizabeth May acts like a lunatic at campaign kick-off, crickets from the Media Party


Once again we have a case of Green Party leader Elizabeth May completely embarrassing herself at a public event yet the attending journalists don’t say a word.

Warning: Turn down your volume: 

Yup, that is someone campaigning to be Prime Minister of Canada.

No wonder the Greens are stuck at 3-4%.


Vancouver reporter basically calls Trudeau a liar about always taking questions


One of the first media issues on Day 1 of the election was about the party leaders’ taking questions from reporters after their initial speeches.

With PM Stephen Harper the focus was on the amount of questions he took which Steve Ladurantye exposes that even though the Media Party whined about the number, they repeatedly asked the same questions:


And Rebel’s Brian Lilley shows CBC’s Terry Milewski as being one of the reporters ‘asking’ his load statement dressed-up as a question which then Harper gives Milewski a public spanking:

Next up was NDP leader Thomas Mulcair who refused to take any questions from reporters and right on schedule, the Media Party blamed Harper for:


And finally after over a 3 hour delay, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau bragged to the media about always being available for questions:

woodford trudeau 2

But CKNW’s Shane Woodford’s wasn’t letting that statement by Trudeau slide:

woodford trudeau 3

Most interesting though is how not a single Ottawa journalist has said a word about a Vancouver journalist calling-out Trudeau on his blatant lie.

h/t Wyatt Webster

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