Elizabeth May acts like a lunatic at campaign kick-off, crickets from the Media Party


Once again we have a case of Green Party leader Elizabeth May completely embarrassing herself at a public event yet the attending journalists don’t say a word.

Warning: Turn down your volume: 

Yup, that is someone campaigning to be Prime Minister of Canada.

No wonder the Greens are stuck at 3-4%.

6 Responses to “Elizabeth May acts like a lunatic at campaign kick-off, crickets from the Media Party”

  1. jmw Says:

    I think she wants us to believe that she and Omar have “more f–king class” than the rest of the candidates!

  2. Liz J Says:

    She’s the court jester of politics, no one takes her seriously.

  3. Guffman Says:

    What an absolute fool this woman is. Your last sentence says it all. I’m sure she’ll be screeching her way through the debates as usual.
    I like to see her lose her seat…. of course she’d then probably blame it on misogynist voters or something idiotic like that.

    • Frances Says:

      Given she’s apparently studying to become an Anglican minister, it would be the anti-Christian vote.

  4. Liz J Says:

    Paul Wells is moderating the Maclean’s debate tonight, hope he can control the Green dame.

  5. Jen Says:

    Liz May said that ‘Canadians are stupid’.
    She berates Canada when she knows dam well that Canada particularly the Oil sands, has done more for the environment than most countries in the world.
    Her carbon footprint is larger than most Canadians.

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