CBC reporter mocks Harper on Netflix Tax, omits mentioning CBC is behind same tax


CBC’s social media reporter Laureen O’Neil goes out of her way to mock PM Stephen Harper over his tweet about refusing to implement a Netflix tax:

There are certainly some on Twitter who support the Conservative Party’s efforts in keeping any sort of Netflix tax at bay, but the majority of tweets about this subject appear to be sarcastic, or simply incredulous. (see here)

Including posting this:


Nice huh? Yet not once does O’Neil mention that it was in fact her employer, the CBC who proposed and is pushing this tax:

The CBC wants the CRTC, Canada’s telecom regulator, to require Netflix to subsidize the production of local programming. (see here)

By omitting CBC’s role in this, O’Neil broke the CBC’s own standards and practices on internal conflicts of interests:

When the CBC becomes the story, our reporting remains accurate, impartial and fair. (see here)

I have been told of at least one complaint filed to the CBC Ombudsman over this and if O’Neil continues to ignore my repeated efforts to get her to include this pertinent information and admit she failed to properly disclose, I will also file a complaint.

Update: O’Neil is not the only CBC journalist to have been caught excluding this:

mansbridge netflix

It’s not remotely plausible that multiple journalists and an entire TV crew did not know the CBC was pushing for this tax.

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