Toronto Star runs column saying PM Stephen Harper is worse than terrorist group ISIS

honderich cruickshank

There’s probably no one more jaded about the Canadian media than myself but I was completely stunned that the Toronto Star ran this (see here) utterly insane column:

star burman

And the person who wrote this for the Star is not some obscure Lefty nutbar, he’s Tony Burman who used to run CBC News until becoming the head of Al Jazeera English:


Burman currently teaches journalism at Ryerson University thus giving him direct access to poison the minds of many future journalist:

burman 1

And to run a column stating Canada’s PM is worse than murderous, torturing rapists tells you everything you need to know about the Star. They crossed the line so far they can’t even see it from where they are.

The only question remaining is who is crazier, Burman or the editor who ran this piece of garbage?

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