Trudeau lies about being against formal coalitions


This is what Liberal leader Justin Trudeau had to say today about forming a coalition government should the Conservatives win a minority this election:

“I do not believe in formal coalitions,” (see here)

But of course what you’ll notice missing from CP’s Keith Leslie is any mention of this little gem from when the Liberals previously agreed to form a coalition:

trudeau (1)

What a damn liar.


One Response to “Trudeau lies about being against formal coalitions”

  1. joseph Says:

    Correct me if I get this wrong.
    I understood his statement was that he was opposed to “backroom” coalition deals.
    That should suggest he’s not against a coalition, just ones that he hasn’t taken to caucus first….and then gets signatures.
    See that way it can be said he didn’t lie and he is in favour of a formal coalition.
    See what I did there 😉

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