Liberal candidate wished Israel supporter had been aborted with coat hanger

buzreba 1

The Liberal Party and their leader Justin Trudeau have a candidate to fire after this tweet from Ala Buzreba was unearthed:


Yes, Buzreba as a Muslim, actually wished for an Israeli supporter to have been aborted with a back-alley technique. Lovely young woman Trudeau has running for him huh?

buzreba trudeau

How many more of these types of vicious candidates does Trudeau have?

Imagine if they ever obtain a position of power within government.

Update: Looks like Buzreba has a history of sending out nasty tweets over the internet:


Update: And the tweet-hits from Buzreba keep on coming:

buzreba 1

Update: Trudeau is standing by Buzreba

Both a Buzreba spokesperson and a Liberal Party spokesperson directed Global News to her tweets as her “official response” when asked for an interview. (see here)

Update: Buzreba has now resigned:

buzreba 2

What does that once again say about Trudeau’s judgement?

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