Postmedia columnist states Conservative Party was behind Liberal candidate story that I broke

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Yesterday, Macleans’ Jame Weinman was forced to correct his story on Liberal candidate Ala Buzreba after I and others pressured him:

(Update 1: Sheila Gunn Reid, who brought the tweets to public attention, points out that she is a private citizen and my choice of words made it sound like she’s a professional opposition researcher; she is not.)

Update 2: The original version of this post didn’t mention Buzreba’s most controversial tweet, though, honestly, if I’d wanted to cover up for her, I don’t think I’d have linked to the article where her mean tweets are quoted. Still, it’s a fair criticism. So here it is, all the way from ancient 2011. (see here)

This adds to my previous post (see here) which shows the Media Party are in full-defence mode after Conservative supporters exposed Buzreba but Michale Smyth of the Province has taken it to another level.

In a column, Smith claims the Conservative Party was behind exposing Buzreba:

The revelation that a young Liberal candidate made idiotic statements on Twitter sparked debate about whether it’s fair to punish politicians for dumb mistakes they made when they were teenagers.

But the more intriguing question is this: Why did the Conservatives, who dug up the offending Liberal tweets, choose to release them right now instead of waiting until later in the election campaign?

In fact it was average Conservative supporters her found the tweets and I was the one who broke the story.

Then Smyth goes into full nutbar conspiracy theory saying the Conservatives only exposed Buzreba to take the pressure off of the Duffy trial:

And even if no evidence emerges tying the Duffy deal directly to the prime minister, the drip-by-drip media coverage of daily courtroom revelations could erode soft Conservative support.

That’s why the Conservatives want to change the channel so badly right now. A conversation about some Liberal nobody’s teenage tweets? Perfect! (see here)

It’s not like Smyth doesn’t know who I am as he used to contact me fairly regularly when I was with the BC Conservatives.

Smyth is either completely incompetent for not even giving a cursory Google search which would have immediately told him who discovered the tweets or he is a blatant liar by running the column knowing it was citizen journalists who outed Buzbrba. His choice.


Media Party comes to “coat hanger abortion” Liberal candidate’s defence

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The Media Party are mad.

They are mad that a young, female, Muslim, Liberal candidate who Justin Trudeau had set-up as political fodder to attack a Conservative cabinet minister was exposed by us citizen journalists and was forced to resign over her vicious Twitter activity (see earlier blog post here) and are now going on the offensive:

Stephen Jenuth, the riding association’s president, says those comments don’t represent who she is today.

“When you discuss her thoughts today, what she thinks of multiculturalism, what she thinks of other religions, people who have differences in points of view, everything appeared to the Liberal Party to be quite appropriate,” he said.

Jenuth believes the party vetted her sufficiently but admits they failed to search candidates’ online histories as deeply as they should have.

Among the tweets, Buzreba tells someone to “go blow your brains out,” and tells another that they should have been aborted — but  in more graphic terms. 

You’ll notice whoever wrote this (CBC omitted the reporter’s byline) refused to quote the exact tweet which was this:


The reporter omitted it knowing people would be far less sympathetic if they knew what she had actually said.

This same reporter also calls Buzreba a “kid” even though she was 17 at the time:

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CBC then runs a Facebook post from Buzreba’s sister who blamed the tweets on some sort of conservative conspiracy network:

buzreba sister

No proof included and which the person this “coat hanger abortion” comment was directed at, contradicts:

israel sheild buzreba

And especially since Buzreba’s sister is a journalist:


You would think she would have been asked for proof of her accusations prior to running it but as this tweet from CBC’s Kate Adach shows, facts aren’t important to the CBC when it comes to pushing a slant:


And if you think it’s just the CBC who are trying this tactic, check out this tweet from Edmonton Journal’s Paula Simons:


Simons is part of the Alberta Media Party who actively covered-up the NDP extremists and nutbars during the last provincial election (see earlier post here) and are now trying to do the same for this federal one.

Before social media, Conservative supporters had no way of fighting back against biased reporting and the Media Party hate that, and us for doing it.

Update: Foul mouths run in the family:

tajouri  3

Just don’t expect the CBC to update their story

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