Female Liberal candidate implies male Conservative opponent has small penis


Liberal candidate Kerry Cundal stepped way over the line with this sexist tweet directed at Conservative candidate Ron Liepert:

cundal liberal

Imagine the Liberal outcry if a male Conservative made a similar sexist remark about a female opponent.

Cundal should immediately apologise to Liepert and if she does not, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau should make an example of her to state that blatant sexism won’t be tolerated in the Liberal Party regardless if it’s directed at men.

h/t @calgaryrants 


2 Responses to “Female Liberal candidate implies male Conservative opponent has small penis”

  1. Deryk Says:

    A reporter should ask how she knows the size of his penis?

  2. Guffman Says:

    Justin do anything about it?? This is right out of his frat-boy play book… right up there with “whip out our F-18’s and show them how big we are”.
    Such a mature and ‘governmental’ team the Liberals have assembled (‘coat hanger’ candidate included).

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