Oakville Ontario mayor calls veterans Conservatives hired, “mercenaries”


The Canadian Press ran a story yesterday titled “Conservatives bring in former soldiers for extra security on Harper’s campaign” (see here) which only real purpose was to make PM Stephen Harper look like a dictator and paranoid. For example, I caught CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn retweeting the story and calling these veterans “enforcers” – once outed, she immediately deleted it.

Then there was Rob Burton who is the mayor of Oakville, Ontario who tweeted this:

rob burton

I’ve sent his smear of our ex-military personnel to Oakville Royal Canadian Legion Branch #114 and will update if they respond.

This clown needs to be run out of office.

Also: I found a photo on the Liberal Party’s website of Burton (lower right) attending a partisan Liberal BBQ event:

burton 1

Update: Burton once donated $17,500 of the city’s money to the Liberals:

Burton, a longtime Liberal supporter who received a “good luck” phone call from Premier Dalton McGuinty just two days before last month’s municipal election, said if there are questions about the donations, the town’s existing integrity officer could do the job of looking into it. (see here)

Update: Burton has now doubled-down, equating PM Stephen Harper to Hitler and Mussolini:


Those links Burton posted will take you to Hitler’s SA and Mussolini’s Blackshirts – Oakville has an insane mayor.


6 Responses to “Oakville Ontario mayor calls veterans Conservatives hired, “mercenaries””

  1. hockeygail46 Says:

    You can’t even post TRUTH on the Veterans ABC FB Page. If you do, you are blocked and not allowed to post again. I have pretty much decided I have bought and worn my last Poppy on Remembrance Day. The Veterans of today don’t deserve my respect.

  2. Jen Says:

    I am not surprised!
    The liberals called our soldiers ‘war criminals’ and the ndp also called our soldiers ‘war criminals’ and one of the ndp mp called our WWW1 soldiers ‘Butchers.’ What did the media do or say….. Nothing.

  3. andycanuck Says:

    On Twitter he’s trying to defend his remark by falsely claiming he was ‘quoting’ the linked newspaper’s headline.

  4. Josie Erent Says:

    I am disgusted with the Liberal party of crooks, liars and deviant perverts…Free speech is still a right…My relatives were killed by Nazis and Fascists…..This man should resign immediately…

  5. andycanuck Says:

    Maybe someone should ask His Lordship if he wants the RCMP and other police forces arresting hecklers at CPC functions instead of private police politely removing them from hired venues.

    BTW, last night he was defending himself online by lying that the “mercenaries” line was taken from the news story he linked in the Tweet but he’s since scrubbed both the Wiki fascist links and the “mercenaries” Tweets. That looks like the sign of a guilty mind to me.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Jerks like this will doe every kind of contortion to avoid apologizing, no one in the media will bother him, he’s speaking the words they dare not utter. This outrageous form of hatred should be litigious, apologies are not sufficient, they’re not sincere, they’re only a means to save the offender’s ass from criticism.

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