CBC’s Rosemary Barton knew guest compared PM Stephen Harper to Adolph Hitler?


The newest Media Party darling is Ashley Callingbull who just won the title of Mrs Universe.

Generally the Left doesn’t have much time for beauty pageant winners but Callingbull hates PM Stephen Harper so she automatically gets super-star status:

Days after being crowned Mrs. Universe, Canada’s Ashley Callingbull has called upon First Nations people to vote out Stephen Harper.

“I urge all First Nations people in Canada to vote in this upcoming election,”Callingbull, 25, tweeted on Monday. “We are in desperate need of a new PM. Fight for your rights.”

Callingbull, who is Cree, grew up in poverty on the two reserves of Maskwacis and Enoch in Alberta and is a survivor of sexual and physical abuse.

She was crowned Mrs. Universe 2015 in Minsk, Belarus, on Saturday.

She is the first Canadian and First Nations woman to win the title for married women. (see here)

And today, CBC’s Rosie Barton had her on as a guest during Power and Politics:

barton callingbull

I have no idea what Callingbull’s political expertise is besides hating Harper to garner a guest spot on a CBC political show but there are much more serious questions that Barton and CBC management need to explain:

First, did they know Callingbull (who says she was sexually abused) partied with rapist Mike Tyson?

callingbull tyson

callingbull tyson 1

You would think after Jian Ghomeshi, the CBC would be careful with having guests on who are friends with convicted rapists.

And secondly, did they know Callingbull compared Harper to Hitler?


I’ve repeatedly asked Barton these questions but she has not responded so far.

I will update if she does and if she doesn’t, I will be filing a complaint with the CBC Ombudsman in order to get answers.


4 Responses to “CBC’s Rosemary Barton knew guest compared PM Stephen Harper to Adolph Hitler?”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Seems if you hate Harper, you automatically qualify for a spot on CBC’s political panel.
    More pathetic behaviour from the CBC, and sadly, this isn’t even a surprise anymore… it’s expected.

  2. Guffman Says:

    Also noticed that one of those tweets with Tyson is from Ash_Burnham, (uses her Callingbull surname when it suits her purpose?) and she mentions having a birthday party for Tyson “at our house” at the Ocean Club Estates in the Bahamas. A quick google describes these estates as “on the eastern point of Paradise Island… one of the most exclusive oceanfront and golf-course communities in The Bahamas…only a privileged few will have the opportunity to call Ocean Club Estates their home!”
    Sounds like she’s certainly enjoying a whole lot of privilege now – a long way from the ‘poverty’ of the two reserves in the Toronto Star narrative.
    Why do I think there’s a whole lot more to her story than what the Star or the CBC tells us?

  3. Bocanut Says:

    Callingbull sounded like the not so bright daughter of a chief yesterday.

  4. Joe Caskenette Says:

    She also lives in the Bahamas…..

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