Globe’s Tabatha Southey hopes Conservative minister sees dead children’s ghosts alongside his own

Tabatha Southey

You really have to wonder how full of insane hatred you have to be in order to say this:

southey 1

Trying to blame Conservative immigration minister Chris Alexander for the deaths of two young Syrian boys trying to escape with their family from the murderous ISIS like this is the vilest thing I’ve ever seen from the Canadian media. It’s hard to shock me on how low the media will go but Southey has set the new standard.

Southey doesn’t really care about people dying oversees fleeing these Islamic extremists, she cares about using their deaths to attack politicians she hates.



7 Responses to “Globe’s Tabatha Southey hopes Conservative minister sees dead children’s ghosts alongside his own”

  1. Centurion Says:

    The vilest thing? You need to watch/listen to Rosie Bartoon more often.

  2. Jen Says:

    When a boat load of Jews were sent back by liberal PM Mackenzie King which resulted to the deaths of most of them, the Canadian media remain to this day Very Very Quiet.’

    The media has fallen to the pit of the earth where worms are too good to mix with. The hatred for PM Stephen Harper and not for the vile brutal murderous evil ISIS, is beyond insanity. I pray for reporters to leave the stench of evil within media to find the ‘light’ before ‘darkness’ consumes them.
    Apparently, the weight of the World’s problems have become the fault of PM Harper and the CPC.

  3. Fay Says:

    Waiting for an apology from Globe’s Tabitha Southey to Chris Alexander!

  4. Richard Says:

    Dean fyi: why didn’t the main stream media and the NDP/Liberals mention this little item about the young Syrian Family:

    ” Tima, a Vancouver hairdresser who emigrated to Canada more than 20 years ago, said Abdullah and Rehan Kurdi and their two boys were the subject of a “G5” privately sponsored refugee application that was rejected by Citizenship and Immigration in June, owing to the complexities involved in refugee applications from Turkey.

    The family had two strikes against them – like thousands of other Syrian Kurdish refugees in Turkey, the UN would not register them as refugees, and the Turkish government would not grant them exit visas.”

  5. andycanuck Says:

    They weren’t fleeing ISIS. They were safe in Turkey.

  6. jon Says:

    Well, now we know why the Media Party protected the Star’s Catherine Porter earlier in the summer…. liars self-identifying with another liar.

  7. andycanuck Says:

    Update on story: Kurdi has returned to Syria and will probably stay there; and they had been living in Turkey for 3 years.

    Dean already knows the impetus for the entire family getting on the leaky dinghy, without life-jackets, was to get to Germany so the dad could get (free?) dental care.

    Here’s the left-wing Guardian reporting on it.

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