NDP candidate who falsely smeared Chris Alexander finally resurfaces

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NDP candidate and previous MP, Fin Donnelly went into hiding immediately after playing his part in the false Kurdi family story that was designed to attack Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and PM Stephen Harper:

The Media Party refused to even look for Donnelly or demand NDP leader Thomas Mulcair explain his candidate but today, Donnelly showed-up campaigning with his union friends:


We need Conservatives to confront Donnelly out on the campaign trail since the media won’t do it.


7 Responses to “NDP candidate who falsely smeared Chris Alexander finally resurfaces”

  1. DAVID WEUM Says:

    Media party really creepy, as usual, but even more so during election coverage

  2. Jen Says:

    Also, check her twitter on the ‘so called refugees.’

  3. Sean M Says:

    Donnelly needs to do more than simply apologize, he needs to resign. The man is a liar plain and simple, he knowingly and maliciously lied. Donnelly stood on the back of a dead little boy and lied his butt off over and over again, he needs to resign! Waiting for the Media to hold Donnelly accountable will never happen because the Media also lied. The Media picked up the Donnelly lie and ran with it, they are both guilty of spreading a lie to further their political agenda. Resign!

  4. andycanuck Says:

    Semi-OT: How about confronting Lorrie Goldstein about Jim Warren’s lie “And last week, Canadians were shocked to see the images of a drowned Syrian boy who died reportedly trying to get to Canada,” told in the column you castigated Goldstein about for not telling us the guy works for the Liberals? (Sorry, I’m not on Twitter.)

  5. Ken Says:

    Good post Dean. I agree completely. The Conservatives need to go on the offensive on this story and demand Mulcair fire Donnelly. Harper needs to do this in his daily stump speeches, and every Conservative candidate needs to follow up with the local media. And Harper needs to stay on this every day until Mulcair responds. The NDP not only defamed the CPC and Alexander, they were ready to throw Canada’s international reputation under the bus. A good man, Chris Alexander, had his reputation trashed, and if Harper doesn’t push back hard, I will be very disappointed in Harper.

    This brings me to the question CBC asked today about the wheels coming off the CPC campaign bus. I know none of us like the question but it needs to be asked – especially by those of us who support the CPC. This has nothing to do with the two idiot candidates recently exposed. This happens to all parties in all campaigns. But the campaign to date has been lacklustre.

    A couple of caveats here. This is a long, long campaign. No one I know paid any attention to it during August (except the political junkies). We also still have a long, long way to go to election day – six weeks from now. In fact, normally the writ wouldn’t even have been issued until next Monday. Also, I have full faith in Jenni Byrne. Just remember all the by-elections, the polls said the CPC was going to lose over the past four years, that the CPC won. Especially the mess in Brandon – Sourriss where the local EDA made a terrible mess of things and it looked like a big Liberal win. Byrne went in in the last two weeks, righted the ship and secured a victory.

    Having said that, the CPC campaign so far has been lacklustre and lacking emotion. This may simply be about pace and timing. A good campaign starts slowly and builds toward election day, especially the last two weeks before the vote when people start paying attention. But Harper needs to pick up the pace, start to get more emotion into this campaign and start to attack. Politics is 50% policy and 50% emotion. The CPC has the policy but they are lacking the emotion – *the fire in the belly*. Harper needs to run like the leader of the opposition trying to win government; not like the PM sitting back on his record. Since the opposition has decided to make this a personal campaign about Harper the man (since the CPC record is difficult to attack) he needs to respond in kind by making it personal against Mulcair and Trudeau.

    He now has an opportunity to call out Mulcair and Donnelly not only as slimy politicians who would use the death of a child for political purposes – but as a disqualifying character defect for Mulcair as a leader. I hope the CPC goes full bore on this. If we are going to lose this election, I want to go down with all guns blazing.

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