Mulcair’s communications director told Pope: “go fuck yourself”

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NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s Director of Communications, Shawn Dearn was on the defensive today after his hateful tweets about the Catholic Church were exposed by Conservative supporters:

Dearn 1

dearn 2

Once outed, Dearn quickly made his Twitter account private and issued this bizarre statement:

dearn ndp

Just don’t expect the media to demand Mulcair explain just whose those views were.

Dearn is far from the only NDP representative who has been caught expressing anti-Christian sentiments as their Data Manager, Chris Markevich sent this tweet out:


And NDP candidate Andrew Seagram had this gem:


Imagine the Media Party fire-storm if a Conservative candidate and two high profile staffers had said the same about Islam and Mohamed.



2 Responses to “Mulcair’s communications director told Pope: “go fuck yourself””

  1. Estelle Scappatura Says:

    Very disrespectful regardless of their positions. Does not speak well for Mulcair’s judgement by ignoring these derogatory remarks against the Pope and Christians.

  2. Liz J Says:

    It’s perfectly OK, he’s not Conservative, there’s the big difference, the media will not pursue him or his leader.
    However, a guy who was running for the Conservatives was booted by a real leader, he peed in a mug three years ago which was brought forward by CBC diggers into their archives……don’t tell us they’re not taking part in this election against the Conservatives. The pee in the mug jerk did not insult anyone but his act was revolting and he deserved to be booted, this had nothing else to do with the Harper Conservatives who could not have known about this.

    The obvious fact being it’s OK to go after Christians or Jews in this country which was built on Judeo-Christian values. What do we stand for? Apparently nothing, so go ahead and vote for the NDP and reap what you sew.

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