NDP candidate said Harper sponsored terrorism in the Middle East

myrna clark ndp

NDP candidate Myrna Clark has a vast history of saying outrageous things on Twitter which, if the media didn’t ignore would force NDP leader Thomas Mulcair to remove her.

Clark hates Canada’s oil industry and would like to see it destroyed:

clark ndp 1

clark ndp

Is a huge fan of the murderous Russian tyrant VladimirPutin:

clark ndp 2

And stated the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper is funding terrorists in the Middle East:

clark ndp 2

What are the odds that the Media Party will finally now stop shielding the NDP?


2 Responses to “NDP candidate said Harper sponsored terrorism in the Middle East”

  1. Sean M Says:

    Just another NDP commie pretending to be someone else while spewing her intolerance and hate. Yet another reason the Media will ignore vetting the NDP and its assorted radicals and activists running as candidates… When it comes to the NDP and the left in general, the Media have a need NOT to know. The Media are there to make sure hate filled anti Canadians like Clark get elected, exposing hate filled commies like Clark would not help the Media’s agenda.

  2. Mike Says:

    Mucliar doing his best dramatic gopher impersonation.

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