Photo: NDP candidate’s husband posing gangster-style with handgun

swampy 4

A few questions come to mind after seeing this photo of Armand Swampy, husband of NDP candidate Katherine Swampy:

swampy gun

Is that a real handgun?

If real, is the person aiming the gun at the camera licensed to own a handgun?

If real, what does the law state about casually pointing a handgun like this?

Regardless if it’s real, why would someone running to be a Canadian law-maker think posing like this was acceptable?

swampy gun 1

swampy 2

These are some questions Swampy and the NDP must answer – with the assistance of the RCMP.

swampy 3

Update: This looks to be a photo of Swampy’s husband posing with a handgun. Notice the title “Armand” and it being posted from an album titled “Katherine S’s Photos”:

swampy gun 2

Was it Katherine Swampy who took the picture?

Update: I have confirmation from a provincial jail guard that the tattoo on Armand Swampy’s stomach is gang affiliated and is called a “Family tattoo”.

swampy tattoo

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