Photo: NDP candidate’s husband posing gangster-style with handgun

swampy 4

A few questions come to mind after seeing this photo of Armand Swampy, husband of NDP candidate Katherine Swampy:

swampy gun

Is that a real handgun?

If real, is the person aiming the gun at the camera licensed to own a handgun?

If real, what does the law state about casually pointing a handgun like this?

Regardless if it’s real, why would someone running to be a Canadian law-maker think posing like this was acceptable?

swampy gun 1

swampy 2

These are some questions Swampy and the NDP must answer – with the assistance of the RCMP.

swampy 3

Update: This looks to be a photo of Swampy’s husband posing with a handgun. Notice the title “Armand” and it being posted from an album titled “Katherine S’s Photos”:

swampy gun 2

Was it Katherine Swampy who took the picture?

Update: I have confirmation from a provincial jail guard that the tattoo on Armand Swampy’s stomach is gang affiliated and is called a “Family tattoo”.

swampy tattoo


8 Responses to “Photo: NDP candidate’s husband posing gangster-style with handgun”

  1. Anne in swON Says:

    The individual sporting the baseball cap and holding a lit cigarette(?) looks remarkably like the candidate herself. Nah, couldn’t be.

  2. Jen Says:

    I notice that she is standing next to ‘Thomas mulcair sign. I had no idea that she is Thomas mulcair.
    My mp is mike lake with his name on the campaign sign-not Stephen Harper.
    So it seams that Thomas Mulcair is representing Thomas Muclair in every riding.
    Who is the ndp in my riding? It’s Thomas mulcair.
    Even the plane has Thomas Mulcair name on it. Whereas, PM Stephen Harper plane has the name ‘Conservative’ both in English and in French.
    Trudeau name is on the plane

  3. LaserGuy Says:

    A valid picture of a gun in the WRONG hands. They want to ban handguns, because if THEY had one THEY would do stupid stuff like this. So they think all Canadians are morons too. Well, you will be if you vote for them!

  4. Mark Smith Says:

    What’s even more scarier is they have 5 kids living with them.

  5. Mclind Says:

    Re – sign with Thomas beside the candidate. During the recent election ($$$$) here in Calgary, EVERY sign had the Notley name and no mention of the candidate. I feel that is why so many who did not bother to investigate, voted for the duds.

    • Jen Says:

      AB NDP are a joke; not worth the respect. Had the public known of the side kicks in Notely’ s party probably the ndp would mot have been voted in. No wonder only notely sign was up everywhere instead of her ‘fly by night’ nitwit MLAS.
      Notely apparently was/is the only representative for the ndp in ever single riding. Election Alberta remain in closet.

      • Frances Says:

        Jen – interesting report in the Calgary Herald about the small spending of many candidates here in Calgary. Would be interesting to know if – in the ridings which reported little to no NDP expenses – there were still election signs. Trying to think of our daughter’s riding and think can remember signs in the vicinity. If so, who paid for them?

  6. Jen Says:

    Stephen Harper most certainly hasn’t shamed Canada

    I thank the author for this inspiring and insight article.

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