Columnist lets slip NDP and Liberals are buying media meals and limo services

ivison carney

Besides the blatant untruthfulness of National Post columnist John Ivison stating on CTV’s political show Question Period that the Conservatives are “hiding” from the media, he lets a dirty little secret out of the bag:

ivison lunch ctv

Yet according to the NYU Journalism Handbook:

At a restaurant, however, the reporter should pay for the meal or drink. (see here)

Besides meals and limo rides, what else are the Liberals and NDP buying Press Gallery members in order to garner favourable coverage?


7 Responses to “Columnist lets slip NDP and Liberals are buying media meals and limo services”

  1. jmw Says:

    And I suppose this will be written off as election expenses with Elections Canada? Somehow I think these perks to the media have been going on a very long time. Just sayin’

  2. terrence Says:

    The media party is one and the same as the Non Democratic and the Lie-berals.

  3. Brian Says:

    The media are the biggest liars and crooks in the whole Political scene. Just read the Red Star and you get it all.

    • Jen Says:

      I am glad that you can see through them for what they are. Liars.
      Long time ago when a foreign reporter encountered a few Iraqi gentlemen in s café listening attentively to the radio for solid information that is going on in Iraq because the Iraqi media will not tell them and as one of the gentleman said in fury “That media(saddam’s media) is not our media that’s Saddam’s media.”

      In our case in Canada ‘the Canadian media is not our media it’s the socialists ndp/liberal personal media.

      Our media are the rebel, dean, JJ, Daniel and others, they do more work than all the lousy good for nothing useless so call media reporters combined.

  4. Jen Says:

    Remember the interview Justin had with Iranian-Canadian reporters?
    That interview and his commitment to remove the sanctions will be at his doorstep to fulfill when and if he becomes the PM.

  5. Ziggy Eckardt Says:

    When the media refuses to repeat your message and just waits around for you to trip or to fumble the football, I, for one, would soon conclude that it is better to issue press releases… There is a word for those who feel they have to ‘buy favours’!

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