Liberals previously campaigned on promising $150 million to Terry Fox Foundation


A column from Macleans’ Vancouver bureau chief Ken MacQueen titled “Branding the unbrandable: Why Terry Fox cannot be bought” caught my eye not just because MacQueen obviously wrote it with a political agenda in mind as he himself admitted:


But also because of this quote from ex-Terry Fox fundraiser Bill Vigars who attacks the Conservatives for ‘politicizing’ the foundation:

“That’s basically what upset me about this whole thing,” Vigars told Maclean’s. “The political parties are no different than Pepsi and Coca-Cola. In 35 years, not one single individual, organization or corporation has ever dared go there. They just knew what Terry was like. That was Terry. Everyone over the years completely respected that.” (see here)

One big problem with that statement is the complete untruthfulness of it as the Liberals had promised $150 million in funding back in 2005, this from Liberal leader Paul Martin’s election guide:

$125 million to support creation of the Terry Fox Research Institute in Vancouver, a new centre of excellence for cancer research. The Institute would be linked to the internationallyrenowned B.C. Cancer Agency;

$25 million to establish Terry Fox Cancer Research Chairs at Canadian universities to ensure that Canada continues to attract and retain leading cancer researchers who can tap into leading-edge advances from around the world to enhance our understanding of cancer – its origins, diagnosis, treatment and eventually a cure. Linkages will be established between the Chairs and the Terry Fox Research Institute. (see here)

This was either gross negligence or gross incompetence by MacQueen and Macleans must immediately apologise, correct and retract the falsehoods and misleading statements in his column.



Media go ape over Conservatives politicizing Terry Fox Run, crickets on Liberal candidate who chairs event


There is always one rule for the Conservatives and another for the Liberals whenever it comes to the media.

Case in point is the faux scandal over whether the Conservatives supporting funding the Terry Fox Run was crass:

The Conservatives were being taken to task online after a statement from the Terry Fox family said the party had misrepresented it at a recent campaign event. (see here)

Which included this tweet from Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s top advisor, Gerald Butts:

butts terry fox

Apparently Butts doesn’t know that Trudeau’s candidate Pam Damoff’s bio on the Liberal Party website includes this gem:

Pam is an active volunteer in her community; she is Chair of the Oakville Santa Claus Parade and Terry Fox Run (see here)

And take a look at this photo Damoff posted of all the Liberal campaign shirts during the Terry Fox Run:

terry fox liberal damoff

But I’m sure no Liberal mole inside the Terry Fox organization was behind this.

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Trudeau’s comments on black community called racist by reporter

trudeau punch

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has some serious damage-control to do after Toronto Star reporter Desmond Cole called him out on statements made during a women’s forum last night:

cole trudeau racism

cole trudeau racism .jpg1

cole trudeau racism .jpg2

You can read more of Cole’s tweets and watch the video of Trudeau here.

The media went absolutely ape accusing PM Stephen Harper of being racist over his “old-stock Canadians” phrase during the last leaders’ debate but I guarantee you these dog-whistle comments by Trudeau will never get the same attention.


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