Macleans Magazine uses anti-Conservative union rep as economic expert

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In an article titled, “Judging Harpernomics: We asked three economists to judge Stephen Harper on his handling of the economy” Macleans Magazine featured Unifor’s Jim Stanford as one of the three:


Who uses the space to attack Harper:

Our historical analysis highlighted some key factors behind this subpar performance, reinforcing the conclusion that Conservative policies have harmed Canada more than they helped. (see here)

What the average Canadian probably doesn’t know is that Unifor is actively campaigning against the Conservatives:

Canada’s largest private sector union is ramping up its anti-Conservative campaign, telling voters in swing ridings why they shouldn’t vote for Stephen Harper.

Unifor is running radio ads in five strategically chosen locations: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina, the Greater Toronto Area and Moncton, N.B.

“We’re talking about Harper’s economic record, which is abysmal to say the least,” Unifor national president Jerry Dias told The Huffington Post Canada this week. “[Harper] is running a platform of being the best economic manager, but all the numbers say that the Conservatives are a total disaster.” (see here)

Yet Macleans did not disclose this information to it readers even though it mentions another of the economist’s association with the Liberals:

Disclosure: Mike Moffatt has worked with Canadian politicians and policy-makers of all political stripes to craft more effective public policy, including his most recent role as an outside economic adviser to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with Unifor representing Macleans’ unionised journalists, right?

Unifor Local 87-M represents media workers at 35 workplaces, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Hamilton Spectator, Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Waterloo Region Record, Guelph Mercury, Metroland papers, Belleville Intelligencer, Brantford Expositor, Chatham Daily News, Fairway Group, Glengarry News, Hamilton Community News, Korea Times, London Free Press, Macleans Magazine, Metro, Ming Pao, Niagara Falls Review, NOW Magazine, Owen Sound Sun Times, Pembroke Observer, Sarnia Observer, Simcoe Reformer, Sing Tao, St. Catharines Standard, Stratford Beacon Herald and Winchester Press. (see here)





3 Responses to “Macleans Magazine uses anti-Conservative union rep as economic expert”

  1. Jen Says:

    How much money(union dues- does this ‘piece of work’ take from hard working Canadians.
    I don’t really if unions suck the livelihood from the media; they deserve it. But not from the general public.

  2. terrence Says:

    I think these unifor ads are turning into Harper-Conservative ads – most people do NOT support unions, and seeing how much money unifor spends on them does not put it in a good light.

  3. Kath Urb Says: You may have to scroll down iVOTE Debate on the Economy – Sept. 22, 2015 Fast forward to 34:39 time…where the IDIOT Union (UNIFOR) sings Opera LOL

    What these UNIONS better come to grip with soon is that people like me are on to them especially since 2003 onward. The smugness of these UNION thugs is ridiculous.

    Go take a gander at Unifor’s website right now….

    Then go and look at any Union website and see all the KOOLAID propaganda.

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