Video: Liberal candidate states Harper sent Canadian troops into Iraq and Afghanistan


At a candidate forum, Liberal candidate Marwan Tabbara was video-recorded saying some unbelievably stupid things.

First Tabbara states Chretien refused to send the Canadian military into Afghanistan.

Then he says that Harper, in 2006, put our troops into Iraq and Afghanistan.

And to top it all off, interrupts the Conservative candidate to yell that Canadian jets bombed Syrian children:

It’s bad enough when Liberal supporters are part of the low-info voting population but when one of its candidates is this clueless, you just have to sadly shake your head.

Update: Tabbara is now saying he “misspoke”:

tabbara.jpg 1

Yup, wrong countries, wrong years, wrong prime ministers and called our air force war criminals – misspoke my ass

7 Responses to “Video: Liberal candidate states Harper sent Canadian troops into Iraq and Afghanistan”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Another one of Zoolander’s hand-picked Liberal star’s??

  2. Mike Bromley the Kurd Says:

    Misspoke? Only realized it afterwards? Let’s keep a tally of the number of votes he gained with that load of horse hockey.

  3. Mark Fortier Says:

    It was the Liberal party who sent Canadian troops to Afghanistan with no proper military supplies who had to beg and borrow military equipped from ally countries so they wouldnt get slaughtered! How stipid are Liberals or are they just so deceitful they will say anything to fool voters!!!

    • Kelly Foster Says:

      We had to borrow fuel as well. It was a total embarrassment. Liberals have never supported our military. Which is why the Chief of Defense Staff call the Chretien time a “Decade of Darkness”

  4. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like he spent more time in the middle east then Canada….what a bunch of horse manure…God help us if he gets elected….

  5. thunderdome o'hartigan Says:

    Politics and foreign affairs aren’t this guy’s thing. I advise he go back to his mother’s basement and leave running a country to the adults. Dink.

  6. Roger Williams Says:

    It was also the Chretien who sent them to a desert theatre in green fatigues looking like pickles in a sandbox.

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