Globe admits spiking Wynne’s teacher unions pay-off story until after federal election

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We now have concrete proof that the Globe and Mail decided not to run a story during the campaign that would have hurt the federal Liberals:

National Editor Dennis Choquette said the earliest the story could have been ready for publication was for Monday morning’s paper: federal voting day. He said he decided to wait.

“Voters were not being asked to elect a provincial government, so I did not feel that we were withholding essential information that could inform their decision at the polls. We did risk our appearance of neutrality, however, were we to have published on Election Day,” Mr. Choquette said.

But most disgusting is the Globe and Mail’s public editor Sylvia Stead agreeing:

In my view, if Ontario was voting that day for its own government, there would be no question the story should be published. Voters need to know as much key information as can be provided to inform their vote. I agree that this was clearly a separate level of government and a provincial not a federal issue. (see here)

To say that a scandal about the primary campaigner for Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne was not relevant to the federal election defies logic.

Choquette and Stead should both be fired but we know they won’t. The only question remains is how many more stories did they not run in order for Trudeau to win?

Video: CTV’s Craig Oliver goes on an insane anti-Harper rant live on-air


Every Conservative supporter who doesn’t believe that there is an actual Media Party needs to watch this video of CTV’s Craig Oliver after last night’s election results were known. The audio is not great due to it being recorded off the TV but you can make out what he rants about if you listen closely:

Oliver has admitted in the past to having close, personal relationships with top Liberals including going on a canoe trip with Pierre Trudeau so it doesn’t surprise me in the least that he hates Harper, the surprise is that he was so openly brazen about it last night.

But I guess since not a word about it has been mentioned by a single media source today, Oliver knew he was safe.



Video: Liberal supporters assault reporter trying to ask Trudeau organizer a question

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This video is shot by Vancouver-area reporter Bob Mackin. During it he is repeatedly assaulted by Liberals trying to stop him from asking Liberal organizer Raymond Chan any questions about his ties to Michael Ching:

Ching was behind the leadership campaign of Justin Trudeau and for further background on him and Trudeau, check out the article from The South Morning Post here.

I’ve asked Mackin if he will be filing a police complaint and will update if I hear back.

Update: Mackin has confirmed that this happened today after the Trudeau event in North Vancouver.

Update: Mackin has posted about the incident on his blog here

CTV News and Trudeau don’t know refugees can’t vote in Canadian elections


In a torqued-up story over an audit of refugees which Prime Minister Stephen Harper has basically called a lie, CTV News ran this paragraph as their lede:

ctv refugee voting

But of course according to Elections Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen to vote:

elections canada eligible

How is it possible CTV News room staff and someone campaigning to become Canada’s PM don’t know refugees can’t vote?

My complaint to the CBC Ombudsman regarding Mary Walsh equating Harper to Hitler

mary walsh harper video

My complaint filed today with the CBC Ombudsman:

While I can appreciate that the CBC considers it within its mandate to report on events relating to the current federal election that are light-hearted or entertaining, I believe the CBC News Newfoundland and Labrador crossed a severe line of good taste and objectivity when it chose to embed a video of “Marg Delahunty” (Mary Walsh) in a October 7, 2015 story on the comedian’s election antics (“’Save’ Stephen Harper, Marg Delahunty says in protest video”).

In the embedded video, Walsh calls Stephen Harper by a variety of names including “Stasi Steve” and “Herr Harper” intended to make allusions between the Conservative leader and communist or Nazi regimes. These are very serious, ugly, and possibly slanderous slurs to be levelled against any politician and I believe the CBC should not have given forum to them, particularly without any sort of comment in the accompanying article.

Mary Walsh should be barred from appearing on the CBC until such time as a review is completed on how the producers and CBC management will ensure Mary Walsh and others appearing on CBC never use these types of slurs again to personally attack and if she is reinstated, be forced to issue an apology.

Update: My complaint has been accepted by the CBC Ombudsman and has been passed along to the CBC

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