Video: CBC’s Mary Walsh calls PM Stephen Harper “Stasi Steve” and “Herr Harper”

mary walsh harper video

It wasn’t surprising that the CBC dragged out the tried, old unfunny Marg Delahunty skit to campaign against Stephen Harper during the election but what she said in the video posted by the CBC (see here) was very shocking:

Pay special attention at the 1:20 min mark as Mary Walsh calls Harper “Stasi Steve, Herr Harper, Dear Leader, Stevil”:

The Stasi were the East German secret police.

Herr Harper is a take-off the lunatic Left use to equate Harper to Adolph Hitler.

Dear Leader is a take-off the lunatic Left use to equate Harper to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-il.

And Stevil speaks for itself.

Whoever allowed this video to be posted on the CBC website should be immediately fired along with Walsh.





11 Responses to “Video: CBC’s Mary Walsh calls PM Stephen Harper “Stasi Steve” and “Herr Harper””

  1. Jen Says:

    Get Loss Marg. CBC is TOO DAM CHICKEN **** to do the job themselves so they resort to hiring you to do their dirty job.

    • Trevor Marr Says:

      The CBC and Mary Walsh/Marg and this video are an embarrassment! My vote is for our effective PM Harper! I avoid the CBC as much as possible! Privatize the treasonous CBC Mr Harper! They are a waste of my hard earned tax $$$!

  2. Jen Says:

    Dean, why doesn’t Ezra Levant and few others Rebel reporters interview the conservative mps for a change. I am sure you guys will do a better job. Canadians are tired of the ‘gotcha’ questions.

  3. Guffman Says:

    As the election date gets closer, we can expect a LOT more of these kind of outrageous smears from the media party – which is pretty well ALL of our MSM. Just as we saw in the last Ontario election, liberals, socialist, media, unions… everybody, will go “all in” to bring down the Conservatives. Hope our core stands strong.

  4. Trevor Marr Says:

    We all need to get out and vote Conservative and STOP these CBC leaches!

  5. Liz J Says:

    The sad reality is we pay this vicious,wretched, anti-Conservative, anti-Stephen Harper old broad to insert her hate filled diatribe into the election. She should be charged, Stephen Harper is still the PM of this country, this stuff is beyond free speech. The man we elected to govern us is no Hitler.

  6. dkaffes2015 Says:


  7. Eileen McRae Says:

    Outrageous political propaganda from the CBC! A definite slur and character attack of Mr. Harper! Thank you for sending in an official complaint. It is needed!

  8. PES Says:

    What a pathetic creature with her character assassination of the best PM in the history of Canada!

  9. Sheila Says:

    This is nothing more than HATE SPEECH and slander. The CANADIAN MEDIA GUILD hijacked this election and the Canadian people with an anti – Harper campaign facilitated and empowered by the CBC and others, under the guise of balanced objective reporting. Criminal!!! And now we have a drama teacher for our Prime Minister!! Really!!

    • Sheila Says:

      The Canadian Media Guild used their union dues to run an official registered 3rd party anti-Harper campaign. The CBC employees are in that Guild. They ACTED like they gave objective impartial coverage BUT this hateful assault on Harper and on our electoral process reveals the degree of contempt they truly held for the man. It’s CRIMINAL!!.

      We lost a tight fiscal manager and political analyst for Prime Minister all because the CBC ‘ s employees and other members of the journalist’s Guild wanted the $150 million bribe, and subsequent job security, they were offered in plain sight, of those paying attention. We didn’t see the CBC reporting on the glaring conflict of interest of the “CANADIAN” Media Guild and CBC union employees therein, did we?!! An official investigation should be launched and criminal charges brought to bear, where they apply. Mary Walsh and the producers should be fired for this disgusting and unprofessional piece of subversive and very questionable journalism. And legislation should be in place to ensure that the media never again hijack our electoral process for their own ends. And hey……check out the Canadian Media Guild’s website to see how many other issues they glaringly hold VERY strong biases for, and on which they routinely report. Object reporting…….hardly!!!


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