CTV News and Trudeau don’t know refugees can’t vote in Canadian elections


In a torqued-up story over an audit of refugees which Prime Minister Stephen Harper has basically called a lie, CTV News ran this paragraph as their lede:

ctv refugee voting

But of course according to Elections Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen to vote:

elections canada eligible

How is it possible CTV News room staff and someone campaigning to become Canada’s PM don’t know refugees can’t vote?


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  1. Jen Says:

    Montreal Jew who rescued 130 Yezidi girls: “Stephen Harper is a Hero”

    Posted by: Ilana Shneider

    In an exlusive interview with CIJnews, Steve Maman talks about his humanitarian work, his motivation for saving Yezidi hostages in Iraq and his admiration for Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper

    On February 26, 2015, Maman met with Prime Minister Harper when he travelled to Ottawa to participate in a historic delegation of 30 Sephardic community leaders, activists and philanthropists from across Canada. The purpose of the delegation was to testify before the parliamentary committee on human rights regarding the threat posed by the current Iranian regime, which the Conservative government views as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today.

    Maman told of his meeting with Prime Minister Harper, who was surprised to hear that a Jewish Canadian businessman is helping the Yezidis of Iraq. Maman applauded the Conservative government’s efforts to combat ISIS, which pledged to donate an additional $140 million towards humanitarian relief.

    At a meeting with Harper, Maman thanked the Prime Minister for his position on Israel, and told Harper that in his eyes, and in the eyes of all the Jews of this world, he is a hero. “I feel a personal debt of gratitude in my soul towards the Prime Minister”, Maman said.

    Montreal Jew who rescued 130 Yezidi girls: “Stephen Harper …


    Dean, I needed to highlight a portion of the article.
    I am positive that most Canadians have no idea what this government has done for humanity
    Thank you

  2. Jen Says:

    Dean, besides you guys doing what the left media refuses point blank to do that is report, I have taken to reading Tarek Fatah a Muslim, a journalist, a socialist, will be voting for the government because of their stands on the safety of Canada.
    Tarek knows more than most of media ever know the dangers that is ready to explode.

  3. Jen Says:

    When you see an outright socialist like Tarek Fatah a Muslim; a very good journalist say ‘he is going to vote for PMSH because of his strong stands for safety and protection for Canada, you can bet your bottom dollar Tarek KNOWS what is at stake than most Canadian media will acknowledge or, refuse to warn Canadians.
    Keep it up Tarek and others like you. You guys are our only hope to understanding and preparing ourselves for the outcome.
    For you Tarek, to not fall into the ‘trudeaumania hype surrounded by radicals in the midst, spells volumes.

  4. Jen Says:

    Justin ‘Vote for change’ and terrorists get to keep their citizenship

    What strikes me is that not a single newspaper had this in front page for several days to warn Canadians.

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