Video: Liberal supporters assault reporter trying to ask Trudeau organizer a question

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This video is shot by Vancouver-area reporter Bob Mackin. During it he is repeatedly assaulted by Liberals trying to stop him from asking Liberal organizer Raymond Chan any questions about his ties to Michael Ching:

Ching was behind the leadership campaign of Justin Trudeau and for further background on him and Trudeau, check out the article from The South Morning Post here.

I’ve asked Mackin if he will be filing a police complaint and will update if I hear back.

Update: Mackin has confirmed that this happened today after the Trudeau event in North Vancouver.

Update: Mackin has posted about the incident on his blog here


3 Responses to “Video: Liberal supporters assault reporter trying to ask Trudeau organizer a question”

  1. Deryk Says:

    Could not get the Ching story to load. All I got was a wristwatch ad. Does Ching have anything to do with Trudeau’s great admiration for the command and control government of China?

  2. RGB Says:

    Why is this not front page news? How can Canadian media pretend to be informing Canadians when blatantly illegal nonsense like this is happening? How can anyone support the Liberals when they use secretive enforcers to attack reporters? This will end in serious violence. These Liberals are playing with fire.

  3. Ken Says:

    Hey Dean not on twitter so I thought I’d send you this note. Remember in 2011 when Harper won his majority, all the lefties complained he only got 39.62% of the vote. Well currently Trudeau is sitting at 39.8% and dropping. By the time all the votes are counted he will probably come in below Harper’s 2011 total. Yet the press will tell us how he got a “strong and overwhelming” mandate from the people. LOL! By the way Harper won 166 seats but recasting the 2011 votes to the new ridings and polls he would have won 188 seats. Trudeau currently stands at 39.8% and 185 seats – and dropping.

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