Globe admits spiking Wynne’s teacher unions pay-off story until after federal election

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We now have concrete proof that the Globe and Mail decided not to run a story during the campaign that would have hurt the federal Liberals:

National Editor Dennis Choquette said the earliest the story could have been ready for publication was for Monday morning’s paper: federal voting day. He said he decided to wait.

“Voters were not being asked to elect a provincial government, so I did not feel that we were withholding essential information that could inform their decision at the polls. We did risk our appearance of neutrality, however, were we to have published on Election Day,” Mr. Choquette said.

But most disgusting is the Globe and Mail’s public editor Sylvia Stead agreeing:

In my view, if Ontario was voting that day for its own government, there would be no question the story should be published. Voters need to know as much key information as can be provided to inform their vote. I agree that this was clearly a separate level of government and a provincial not a federal issue. (see here)

To say that a scandal about the primary campaigner for Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne was not relevant to the federal election defies logic.

Choquette and Stead should both be fired but we know they won’t. The only question remains is how many more stories did they not run in order for Trudeau to win?

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  1. fhl Says:

    This is on Trudeau family moving into Rideau Cottage. This home looks very open to attack. I hope Mr. Trudeau is aware that the threat was to cut off the Prime Minister of Canada’s head.
    Will this home require extra protective details at taxpayers expemse?

  2. Jen Says:

    Trudeau Jr has as a majority, more work for the media to cover up from us Canadians. But, little do they know that reporters who haven’t fallen into the liberal web of corruption, are the ones to explode the real news.

  3. Bocanut Says:

    Worst kept secret in Canada?-Progressive media on Team Bozo

  4. Tripper523 Says:

    All scandalous activities by Liberal governments, federal and provincial, have been notoriously mitigated by the overly-influential Media Party, whose minions such as the outspoken beagle-wag, Craig Oliver, inflict untold cognitive damage to the sheepish Canadian viewership. It became all too easy, and fashionable, for voters to jump on the Hatred for Harper bandwagon, while embracing a vacant set of new threads all in the name of change. The integral reason for this quest for change was merely a rebellion against the poise and style of PM Harper’s leadership. He steered the country well, and through some very precarious times, financially and economically, as the history books should someday affirm. So, the election was not much more than a personality contest, substance cast to the wind. The mistakes and indiscretions made by Liberal governments never seem to cost them, but certainly cost US, particularly when their wayward dealings are rewarded with Majorities.

  5. andycanuck Says:

    No link but I read today that Ontario unions spent $6.5-million running Liberal ads in the provincial and federal elections. A coincidence, surely, that they’re getting $7.1-million from the Ontario Liberal government.

  6. Liz J Says:

    Canada is not in good hands and those hands have a majority government. This is the first time in our history we have pulled out of a conflict, letting our allies down. If this had happened during our two world wars we would not be free to do stupid things like elect a person ill prepared for the job.
    He will be the biggest hypocrite , a sham. when he shows his face at the remembrance Day ceremonies, our forefathers and those vets still with us will not be amused.

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