Video: CBC’s Mary Walsh calls PM Stephen Harper “Stasi Steve” and “Herr Harper”

mary walsh harper video

It wasn’t surprising that the CBC dragged out the tried, old unfunny Marg Delahunty skit to campaign against Stephen Harper during the election but what she said in the video posted by the CBC (see here) was very shocking:

Pay special attention at the 1:20 min mark as Mary Walsh calls Harper “Stasi Steve, Herr Harper, Dear Leader, Stevil”:

The Stasi were the East German secret police.

Herr Harper is a take-off the lunatic Left use to equate Harper to Adolph Hitler.

Dear Leader is a take-off the lunatic Left use to equate Harper to North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-il.

And Stevil speaks for itself.

Whoever allowed this video to be posted on the CBC website should be immediately fired along with Walsh.




Liberals break election laws by setting up campaign table outside voting station?

Elections Canada;

This photo is making its rounds on social media apparently depicts the University of Ottawa Young Liberals handing out campaign literature outside an Elections Canada voting station:

u ottawa liberal booth

If true this would of course break the Elections Act and Elections Canada needs to investigate, immediately.

Trudeau confirms Liberals would start spying on Canadians, Media Party go silent

vice trudeau

In a stunning revelation during an interview with Vice Canada yesterday, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was asked about his party’s platform which includes the ability for the Communication Security Establishment to spy on Canadians:

According to the party’s official election platform, released earlier in the day, an elected Liberal government would “limit Communications Security Establishment’s powers by requiring a warrant to engage in the surveillance of Canadians.”

VICE News originally reported that meant the Liberals intended to give the Communication Security Establishment (CSE) new powers, since the agency is currently prohibited from “directing” surveillance at Canadians for domestic purposes

Asked several times during a special town hall in Toronto hosted by VICE Canada to clarify his stance, Trudeau emphasized that CSE would be subjected to oversight.

“We have to recognize that there are new threats in this world that we have to have the tools to [deal with],” said Trudeau (see here)

The press would go apocalyptic if the Conservatives had stated in their platform that they would allow Canadians to be spied on but there isn’t a single mention of this today from any of the mainstream media. How many articles and protests have we seen on outrage over Bill C-51?

Another perfect example how the Media Party will protect Trudeau no matter what.

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