Cabinet minister latest NDP politician to follow Twitter account that sexually harrasses female Rebel contributor


gunn reid

Last week I exposed an Alberta NDP MLA, ex-federal NDP candidate and top NDP staffer who all just happen to follow a nasty Twitter account dedicated to harassing Rebel’s Shelia Gunn Reid (see here) which now has garnered at least one new NDP fan since then:

mason ndp

For those unaware, Brian Mason is not only a cabinet minister in Rachel Notley’s NDP government but he is the previous leader of the Alberta NDP.


The Alberta Left’s creepy war on conservative women who oppose them reaches right into Notley’s cabinet, think about that.



Hill Times runs quote from anonymous lobbyist equating Conservative government to Nazis


It’s bad enough when Hill Times’ deputy editor Mark Burgess runs such a vomit-inducing Trudeau fan-piece about how ecstatic the public service bureaucrats are now that the Liberals have been brought back in power:

 “There’s quite a spirit of optimism across the public service,” said Karl Salgo, a veteran of the Finance Department and the Privy Council Office who’s now with the Institute on Governance.

 “I think for the most part there’s reason to believe that they’re not being cynical about it, that they’re taking the government at its word that it does want to do things differently and that this will better enable them to better play the traditional role they have as advisers and go back to flex some of the muscles they haven’t flexed for some years.”

But for Burgess to protect the name of a Liberal lobbyist for saying this, it completely crosses the line of ethical journalism:

“It’s like the liberation of Paris,” said one lobbyist speaking on a not-for-attribution basis. (see here)

Because the Conservatives under Stephen Harper were just like the Nazis and Adolph Hitler while Trudeau and the Liberals are the Allies who rescued the world from a murderous regime.

Conservative MPs have the right to know who this lobbyist is.

CBC columnist states he will have a “party when Harper dies”

penner cbc

You run across a lot of Lefty crazies on Twitter who wish Conservatives harm or call Stephen Harper, Adolf Hitler but you certainly don’t expect something this insane from a CBC columnist:

cbc penner harper dies

Lyndon Penner is a gardening columnist for CBC News Saskatchewan and that he still has his job after sending out this tweet is stunning.

I will be filing a complaint with the CBC Ombudsman and will update with the response.

Update: Another nasty tweet by Penner has surfaced:

penner cbc eye

h/t @OneoftheBrendas

Update: I am posting this response received from the CBC with permission from the person who filed the complaint but have been asked to keep their name from being published:

Hello **********;

Thank you for your email of December 20th to the CBC Ombudsman raising concerns about social media comments made by our gardening columnist, Lyndon Penner. As I am responsible for CBC Saskatchewan, Jennifer McGuire has asked me to reply.

In particular you referenced a tweet from August 19th that stated:

“When Stephen Harper dies, I’m having a cake made and hosting a party.”

You’re right, of course, that this tweet is problematic, and risks compromising public perception of the CBC’s integrity. So let me tell you what happened, and what we’re doing now.

First, understand that Mr. Penner is not an employee. He is a freelancer who provides content for programs in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. When he is on our airwaves he discusses gardening, not politics or other social issues. So he simply didn’t realize that expressing his personal opinions would have an impact on the CBC, which is essentially a client of his.

Today, he understands that very well. We’ve followed up with Mr. Penner to review his obligations as a freelancer for CBC. I don’t anticipate this being a recurring issue.

Thanks again for your email. I hope my reply has reassured you about the integrity of CBC News and Centres.

It is also my responsibility to inform you that if you are not satisfied with this response, you may wish to submit the matter for review by the CBC Ombudsman, Esther Enkin. The Office of the Ombudsman – an independent and impartial body reporting directly to the President – is responsible for evaluating program compliance with the CBC’s journalistic policies. Ms. Enkin may be reached by mail at Box 500, Terminal A, Toronto, Ontario M5W1E6, or by fax at

(416) 205-2825, or by e-mail at

John Bertrand
Senior Managing Director
Prairie/ North Region

NDP MLA, MP candidate follow Twitter account that smears female Rebel contributor

sheila gunn reid

The Left love to pretend they are anti-bullying activists and feminists but time and time again the most vicious online are those from the Progressive political side.

Case in point is a nasty Twitter account which has been set up to harass, mock and smear Rebel contributor Sheila Gunn Reid:

sheila dumb reid

Imagine what kind of creep it takes to sexually harass a mother so why would anyone intentionally follow a Twitter account that sends out such trash?

Renato Gandia, Press Secretary for the Alberta NDP minster of agriculture:

gandia ndp

Kirk Heuser, ex-CBC and CTV journalist who ran for the federal NDP in the last election, now works at the Pembina Insititute:


Karen McPherson, current Alberta NDP MLA:

mcpherson ndp

This is no coincidence nor can it be explained away.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for the Alberta media to demand answers and apologies.

Update: NDP MLA Karen McPherson is defending following this account because it’s “satirical”:

mcpherson ndp

Sexual harassment is hilarious!

Update: And right on cue, McPherson plays the victim:

mcpherson ndp.jpg1


Alberta MLA Sandra Jansen falsely accuses Rebel contributor of threatening her

jansen redford

Alberta PC MLA Sandra Jansen is what people would call a CINO.

For those unaware, CINO stands for Conservative In Name Only and the Alberta PCs were full of them before getting wiped-out in the last election. Jansen is one of the few remaining and she’s starting to panic and lash out as talks of merging with the Wildrose Party is becoming a very real possibility.

During the federal election, Jansen endorsed Trudeau’s Liberals:

jansen 8

And if conservatives are going to reunite once again in Alberta, liberals like Jansen will be squeezed out of the new party and become unelectable as Liberals.

This brings us to Jansen’s bizarre online freak-out over being called-out by Rebel’s Holly Nicholas for supporting an ex-NDP candidate for following a Twitter account dedicated to mocking and smearing Rebel’s Sheila Gunn Reid:


jansen 5

Any decent person would simply apologise for supporting cyber-bullying in any way but especially a politician who was in charge of reducing bullying under the previous Redford government:

jansen 6

But not Jansen, she went full-nutbar pretending she was the victim:


jansen 1

And then bringing up Nicholas calling her out during the election for supporting a federal Liberal:

jansen 3

Now getting back to my original point, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Nicholas per se, it’s all about seeing her days being numbered:

jansen 2

Fake conservatives like Jansen are done if the Wildrose and PCs merge and they know it, this type of crazy behaviour is its manifestation.

Update: It took just minutes last night for Jansen to react:


And probably not the smartest thing to do as a so-called conservative MLA from Alberta to imply Ezra Levant and everyone at the Rebel is insane:

jansen levant

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