Alberta MLA Sandra Jansen falsely accuses Rebel contributor of threatening her

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Alberta PC MLA Sandra Jansen is what people would call a CINO.

For those unaware, CINO stands for Conservative In Name Only and the Alberta PCs were full of them before getting wiped-out in the last election. Jansen is one of the few remaining and she’s starting to panic and lash out as talks of merging with the Wildrose Party is becoming a very real possibility.

During the federal election, Jansen endorsed Trudeau’s Liberals:

jansen 8

And if conservatives are going to reunite once again in Alberta, liberals like Jansen will be squeezed out of the new party and become unelectable as Liberals.

This brings us to Jansen’s bizarre online freak-out over being called-out by Rebel’s Holly Nicholas for supporting an ex-NDP candidate for following a Twitter account dedicated to mocking and smearing Rebel’s Sheila Gunn Reid:


jansen 5

Any decent person would simply apologise for supporting cyber-bullying in any way but especially a politician who was in charge of reducing bullying under the previous Redford government:

jansen 6

But not Jansen, she went full-nutbar pretending she was the victim:


jansen 1

And then bringing up Nicholas calling her out during the election for supporting a federal Liberal:

jansen 3

Now getting back to my original point, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Nicholas per se, it’s all about seeing her days being numbered:

jansen 2

Fake conservatives like Jansen are done if the Wildrose and PCs merge and they know it, this type of crazy behaviour is its manifestation.

Update: It took just minutes last night for Jansen to react:


And probably not the smartest thing to do as a so-called conservative MLA from Alberta to imply Ezra Levant and everyone at the Rebel is insane:

jansen levant


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  1. jen Says:

    Sandra looks as though she is about to cry. She always looked like that.

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