NDP MLA, MP candidate follow Twitter account that smears female Rebel contributor

sheila gunn reid

The Left love to pretend they are anti-bullying activists and feminists but time and time again the most vicious online are those from the Progressive political side.

Case in point is a nasty Twitter account which has been set up to harass, mock and smear Rebel contributor Sheila Gunn Reid:

sheila dumb reid

Imagine what kind of creep it takes to sexually harass a mother so why would anyone intentionally follow a Twitter account that sends out such trash?

Renato Gandia, Press Secretary for the Alberta NDP minster of agriculture:

gandia ndp

Kirk Heuser, ex-CBC and CTV journalist who ran for the federal NDP in the last election, now works at the Pembina Insititute:


Karen McPherson, current Alberta NDP MLA:

mcpherson ndp

This is no coincidence nor can it be explained away.

Just don’t hold your breath waiting for the Alberta media to demand answers and apologies.

Update: NDP MLA Karen McPherson is defending following this account because it’s “satirical”:

mcpherson ndp

Sexual harassment is hilarious!

Update: And right on cue, McPherson plays the victim:

mcpherson ndp.jpg1



3 Responses to “NDP MLA, MP candidate follow Twitter account that smears female Rebel contributor”

  1. Linda Says:

    It is such a crock that they cannot take any negative comments. Very thin skinned! I am very upset that my elected MLA Karen Macpherson has stooped so low. Good grief. You were elected to serve by someone – not me though. Get a life and face the music.

    • George Clark Says:

      I prefer to use democracy to rid ourselves of unworthy MLA’S. Sure hope she doesn’t call me a bully for doing so. 😉 💪 of 💖! George Clark

  2. Cabinet minister latest NDP politician to follow Twitter account that sexually harrasses female Rebel contributor | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] just happen to follow a nasty Twitter account dedicated to harassing Rebel’s Shelia Gunn Reid (see here) and now has garnered at least one new NDP fan since […]

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