Hill Times runs quote from anonymous lobbyist equating Conservative government to Nazis


It’s bad enough when Hill Times’ deputy editor Mark Burgess runs such a vomit-inducing Trudeau fan-piece about how ecstatic the public service bureaucrats are now that the Liberals have been brought back in power:

 “There’s quite a spirit of optimism across the public service,” said Karl Salgo, a veteran of the Finance Department and the Privy Council Office who’s now with the Institute on Governance.

 “I think for the most part there’s reason to believe that they’re not being cynical about it, that they’re taking the government at its word that it does want to do things differently and that this will better enable them to better play the traditional role they have as advisers and go back to flex some of the muscles they haven’t flexed for some years.”

But for Burgess to protect the name of a Liberal lobbyist for saying this, it completely crosses the line of ethical journalism:

“It’s like the liberation of Paris,” said one lobbyist speaking on a not-for-attribution basis. (see here)

Because the Conservatives under Stephen Harper were just like the Nazis and Adolph Hitler while Trudeau and the Liberals are the Allies who rescued the world from a murderous regime.

Conservative MPs have the right to know who this lobbyist is.


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  1. Guffman Says:

    As I commented in your last post, ‘I agree with Trump – most of the media are scum’… but allow me to modify that to “Liberal scum”.

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