Manitoban PCs surging in polls, CBC attacks with fundraising donation story

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The Manitoba NDP led by Greg Selinger are currently looking at being wiped-out in the upcoming April election and the Media Party are panicking, looking at every way to attack the poll-leading PCs led by Brian Pallister.

A perfect example is this hit-piece from the CBC titled “Manitoba PC’s request called incompetent. Tories ask Winnipeg journalists for donations to fight NDP attack ads”:

An email fundraising campaign by the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives makes the party look bad, says political scientist and professor emeritus at L’Université de Saint-Boniface, Raymond Hébert.

The email was sent to several Manitoba journalists, including at least two at CBC. (see here)

How is this a hit-piece you ask?

  1. notice the name of the CBC reporter is not included as a by-line
  2. also omitted are the names of the journalists who are said to have received the donation requests
  3. the professor quoted is a well-known socialist
  4. it’s common practise for journalists to sign-up to receive fundraising emails from political parties

Now, the only question remains is whether Pallister will make the same mistake as Stephen Harper and allow these types of direct attacks to go unchallenged or did he learn that you must fight back?



13 Responses to “Manitoban PCs surging in polls, CBC attacks with fundraising donation story”

  1. terrence Says:

    Hopefully, he will learn from Harper’s mistakes and show the federal PC’s how to win the next election. (The media will NEVER support any parties but the Non-democrats and the LIEberals.)

  2. dddddancetotheradio Says:

    We start by taking back the provinces.

  3. Bill Says:

    This is absolute rubbish. It’s obvious they have at some time signed up to receive emails from the party, as any journalist would I should expect. Nothing but your typical socialist CBC attack ad, nice use of our tax dollars trying to interfere with our elections CBC. Shame on you all.

    • Joan Misch Says:

      How much did the Liberal`s and NDP pay in the last Federal election to get the CBC to not report the truth and spread negative B.S. about our great Leader ,Harper.?

  4. Terry Black Says:

    I sent a request to join the Progressice Conservative Party of Manitoba – they didn’t email us – stupid CBC jumping to
    conclusions and lying! I want to make sure we don’t get anymore Marxist Government than we already have! CBC is not used to people thinking for themselves, they still think people are waiting for them to tell us what do do!! People say enough of that mind manipulation!

  5. Jody Kardash Says:

    I don’t even watch CB anymore because everytime I turned it on and saw Justine on it I got violently ill………….

  6. Liz Carr Says:

    Everyone knows that the CBC, CTV, and GLOBAL is now a propaganda news media, which promotes Liberal agenda supresses the truth of what is really going on in Canada and the world. There is even a FB page that will post articles of the real truth that is being hidden from us.

  7. Dave Says:

    Harper had more than enough time to crush the miserable cbc clowns and guess what happened? That’s right, not a damned thing.
    Time to give up. The stupid has won.

  8. Robert Kenneth Clark Says:

    This is just a travesty of the truth !! The lies that these socialist/communist devils tell is terrible !! I wish that there was some way to counter this !!

  9. Leon Hull Says:

    One Province at a time will fall to the PC’s now that the foolish Public try to right the wrong they wrought on it’s citizens by electing Liberals and N.D.P. Socialists! Patients people.

  10. ohboy Says:

    As the Sheila Gunn-Reid story shows, the socialists always get arrogant when they attain the levers of power.
    They get careless, sloppy and their true nature shows through.

    This and their disrespect of the electorate are their eventual downfall.
    Sometimes it takes a long time to get thru,(Ontario), though most likely one election cycle for the WILD Rose province.

  11. Liz J Says:

    People accept lies and support those who do it, Ontario is exhibit A, where the Liberals under Dalton McGiunty, then morphed to Kathleen Wynne’s leadership, lied repeatedly and got elected repeatedly. We are now living the consequences and it ain’t pretty, it’s a disaster not yet fully blown but on it’s way. Too many people are voting for what’s in it for me, one issue voters and Unions and media hacks and hounds make it a necessary to have a strong fighter at the helm.

    Stephen Harper allowed lies to spread rather than nipping them in the bud, he wasn’t feisty enough, avoided the fray which doesn’t work in politics, it’s frustrating for supporters. Stephen did well on many fronts, Canada needs him now for several important reasons but he was the architect of his defeat starting with deciding to have a long campaign. Not a good plan for a person who avoids confrontation.
    I also critique him as a poor judge of people as can be noted in some of his choices for cabinet and the Senate etc.

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