Liberal spy sent in to disrupt Harper rally given plumb job by Trudeau minister

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Some may remember the story of a teen girl who was sent in by the Liberal Party to pretend to have been kicked out of a Harper event during the 2011 election:


Which the Media Party happily spread:


Even though it was shown to be a lie:


Well, this little Liberal operative has now been fully rewarded for her deception:


Just don’t expect any Press Gallery member to say a word about how the Liberals pay-off their secret agents with taxpayers’ money once in power.


2 Responses to “Liberal spy sent in to disrupt Harper rally given plumb job by Trudeau minister”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Librano trough rot is back in a big way.
    Not even a peep from Media journalosers when Prince Justin gave the UN 2.6 billion Canadian taxpayer dollars so McKenna could call herself an official “UN climate change facilitator”.

  2. Updog_Lvr Says:

    Good stuff Dean. Knowing what I know about Trudeau from reading this blog, it’s no surprise to me that Trudeau would run for the leadership and wage an election just so he could pay this 21 year old back.


    Keep up the good work.

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