Media Party whore Michael Chong goes on CBC to bash Kevin O’Leary

chong 1

Conservative MP Michael Chong is a Media Party darling because he feeds them anti-Conservative story angles but is smart enough to not stray too far across the line that would get him kicked out of the CPC caucus.

Chong is all about promoting himself which he had great success doing with his idiotic Reform Act designed to take aim at then PM Stephen Harper that pushed the lie it would bring some sort of balanced power in Ottawa. But now that Harper is gone, Chong needs a new target to get him in the media and person is Kevin O’Leary:


*Note that CBC labelled Chong a PC MP*

“I think Mr. O’Leary is spending too much time in the United States. Donald Trump may be a political force south of the border, but that kind of politics isn’t coming north any time soon,” Michael Chong said in an interview with CBC Kitchener-Waterloo’s The Morning Edition host Craig Norris, which aired Monday morning. (see here)

Bashing a potential Conservative leader candidate (especially when Chong openly muses about running himself) on the CBC is hardly helpful to the Conservative Party.

Question now is, will interim leader Rona Ambrose haul Chong onto the carpet and tell him this new ‘tone’ is not welcome?

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