NDP MP celebrates freedom for murderer terrorist Omar Khadr


The fevered mind of NDP MP Linda Duncan was fully on display after the Trudeau government dropped the appeal to rescind the bail of convicted terrorist Omar Khadr:


First, let’s make sure you appreciate Duncan expressed her happiness by using the word “Halleluyah” which of course is a Hebrew derivative meaning “Thank God” for someone who killed in the name of Islamic extremism.

After that sinks in, fully enjoy the fact a sitting Canadian Member of Parliament clapped for someone who blinded one US servicemen and killed another.

That’s cool right?

Trudeau hires ex-Media Party member inside PMO who equated Harper to Mussolini


The Media Party loved to rant and rave about how partisan Stephen Harper’s PMO was:

Harper’s cadre of advisers stacked with young partisans who don’t talk back (see here)

But just don’t expect the same scrutiny and attacks from them now that ex-members are filling Trudeau’s ranks:

martin gardner

Dan Gardener worked at the Ottawa Citizen as a columnist and viciously attacked conservatives while being employed there.

Comparing Manning Centre speakers to Aryan Nation members:


Equating PM Stephen Harper to the murderous dictator Benito Mussolini:

gardner harper mussolini

And then threatening to retaliate against any conservatives who pushed-back at him:


Equating Harper to a sexual predator:

gardner harper james

Yup, it sure is a big mystery why Trudeau hired Gardner:


And just in case you think Gardner has admitted the error of his ways now that he is a PMO staffer, this is from today:


Question now is, have the Conservatives learned their lesson or will the party stay silent on this outrageous hire by Trudeau?

Liberal Bob Rae professes support for pastor charged with sexual assault

hawkes blair

We have witnessed a new low from the political Left in Canada where a man of the cloth has received public support from an ex-provincial premier and federal cabinet minister after being charged for committing sex crimes:

rae hawkes

Hawkes, for those who aren’t aware is very close with politicians like Liberal Kathleen Wynne:

And NDP leader Jack Layton as he presided over his funeral:

hawkes layton

A Lefty pastor charged with sexual assault presiding over a Lefty political leader’s funeral who used hookers, seems about right.

Just don’t expect (on the 2nd day of CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi’s trial for sexually assaulting multiple women) the Media Party to go after Rae, there’s a double standard when it comes to Lefties and sexual predation.

trudeau ghomeshi 1

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