Trudeau hires ex-Media Party member inside PMO who equated Harper to Mussolini


The Media Party loved to rant and rave about how partisan Stephen Harper’s PMO was:

Harper’s cadre of advisers stacked with young partisans who don’t talk back (see here)

But just don’t expect the same scrutiny and attacks from them now that ex-members are filling Trudeau’s ranks:

martin gardner

Dan Gardener worked at the Ottawa Citizen as a columnist and viciously attacked conservatives while being employed there.

Comparing Manning Centre speakers to Aryan Nation members:


Equating PM Stephen Harper to the murderous dictator Benito Mussolini:

gardner harper mussolini

And then threatening to retaliate against any conservatives who pushed-back at him:


Equating Harper to a sexual predator:

gardner harper james

Yup, it sure is a big mystery why Trudeau hired Gardner:


And just in case you think Gardner has admitted the error of his ways now that he is a PMO staffer, this is from today:


Question now is, have the Conservatives learned their lesson or will the party stay silent on this outrageous hire by Trudeau?

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