Trudeau hires ex-Media Party member inside PMO who equated Harper to Mussolini


The Media Party loved to rant and rave about how partisan Stephen Harper’s PMO was:

Harper’s cadre of advisers stacked with young partisans who don’t talk back (see here)

But just don’t expect the same scrutiny and attacks from them now that ex-members are filling Trudeau’s ranks:

martin gardner

Dan Gardener worked at the Ottawa Citizen as a columnist and viciously attacked conservatives while being employed there.

Comparing Manning Centre speakers to Aryan Nation members:


Equating PM Stephen Harper to the murderous dictator Benito Mussolini:

gardner harper mussolini

And then threatening to retaliate against any conservatives who pushed-back at him:


Equating Harper to a sexual predator:

gardner harper james

Yup, it sure is a big mystery why Trudeau hired Gardner:


And just in case you think Gardner has admitted the error of his ways now that he is a PMO staffer, this is from today:


Question now is, have the Conservatives learned their lesson or will the party stay silent on this outrageous hire by Trudeau?


6 Responses to “Trudeau hires ex-Media Party member inside PMO who equated Harper to Mussolini”

  1. Guffman Says:

    Good selection of quotes form this media party dirt bag. And not surprising to see our frat-boy PM surrounding himself with sycophants like Gardner. And JT’s just getting started. So I hope all our great Canadian bloggers like you Dean, expose him at every turn.

  2. terrence Says:

    I do NOT think the conservatives will point out how vile this appointment is; and, of course, the SLIME Stream Media will only say GOOD things about it and NEVER mention any of your points, Dean

  3. MaryLS Says:

    This is an outrageous hire. I have always found Gardner to be a pompous know-it-all . . . pretenting scientific objectivity while failing to acknowledge his own biases. His technocratic approach to thinking often precludes good judgement. Well, a jerk is a jerk and Trudeau and this jerk probably deserve each other.

  4. Lloyd Snauwaert (@syncrodox1) Says:

    Dan was the first “journo” that blocked me on twitter…I expect I’ll be audited now…

  5. Liz J Says:

    He’s a good fit , he’s found a home to work with people of his own ilk, people he can admire as much as he admires himself.

  6. MaryLS Says:

    So they hire Dan Gardner to help them make decisions. The REASON they are unable to make their own decisions is because they have no idea what their policies are or where they want to go. Their “strategies” begin and end with undoing anything the Harper government has done — even without bothering to analyze whether or not these are good ideas (like legislation to ensure transparency for unions and Native groups). Does not matter . . . if Harper did it, they will undo it. But then — they are woefully without ideas or strategies, and the flawed intellect with the big ego, Dan Garner, will not help them figure it out.
    It boggles my mind to think about this — we go from the HIGHLY intelligent and HIGHLY qualified Stephen Harper as PM to the shallow thinker who will get help from Dan Gardner. It is just too ridiculous.

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