Trudeau’s minister retweets Twitter account that sexually harasses female Rebel journalist

trudeau hehr notely

There’s a nasty Twitter troll account set up solely to harass and smear Rebel’s Sheila Gunn Reid:

sheila dumb reid

This vile person has many fans within the Alberta NDP government (see here) including NDP House Leader Brian Mason (see here) and now has picked up a new one, Liberal Veteran’s Minister Kent Hehr:

hehr gunn

There’s absolutely no way Hehr could have missed this being a smear account especially after Gunn Reid herself tweeted Hehr about it along with many others calling for him to delete and apologise:

gunn hehr

Yet complete silence from Hehr, once again proving how much Canada’s political Left despises conservative women.




3 Responses to “Trudeau’s minister retweets Twitter account that sexually harasses female Rebel journalist”

  1. Dan Hunt Says:

    It appears this “Sheila Dumb Reid” twitter account is the work of DAJ Hetherington… twitter account @DAJHetherington. This account was locked private when the real Sheila GUNN Reid enquired DAJ Hetherington about it. I saw some tweets from this account, and this person is a mentally ill Sheila Gunn Reid hater. I would not be surprised to find out this person is actually one of Alberta’s shifty NDP MLAs. Everyone knows how Notley and her horde despise Sheila, and after her truth on the NDP book “The Destroyers – Rachel Notley and the NDP’s War On Alberta” came out.

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