Twitter account that sexually harasses female Rebel journalist set up by Liberal minister’s supporter

sheila gunn reid

After posting a blog on Liberal cabinet minister Kent Hehr retweeting a Twitter account that has been harassing Rebel’s Sheila Gunn Reud (see here) I was sent evidence which shows this person to be someone by the name of DAJ Hetherington.

First, take a look at a tweet mocking Gunn Reid sent from the harassing account:


And now look at the almost identical tweet sent out by Hetherington:


It’s hard for these trolls to keep track what they tweet when they do it from multiple Twitter accounts and eventually they slip-up exposing themselves like Hetherington has.

Yet this isn’t the only mystery about this guy that has been solved. We also now know Hetherington is a big political supporter of Liberal cabinet minister Kent Hehr:

hehr hetherington.jpg2

hehr hetherington.jpg1

hehr hetherington

But Hehr had no idea Hetherginton was behind the smearing of Gunn Reid right?

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