Star’s Delacourt attends Liberal event that Trudeau was at, skipping emergency FN suicide debate


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I smelled a rat when the CBC ran a big story on the emergency debate called after the news emerged of a suicide pact on the Attawapiskat reserve (see here) yet Justin Trudeau’s name wasn’t mentioned once in it even though he has gone out of his way to campaign on solving FN issues.

Turns out Trudeau was out at an expensive restaurant with his wife in order to attend ex-Liberal minister Bill Graham’s book signing:


And even though this event was highly promoted by the Liberal organization Canada 2020 and reporters such as Susan Delacourt from the Star were in attendance:


The only media organization to expose Trudeau skipping out on the debate was BuzzFeed:

Trudeau, his senior advisors, and members of cabinet attended a former Liberal’s book launch Tuesday night at Beckta, a high-end restaurant a few blocks from Parliament.

They were there for the launch of Bill Graham’s political memoir. Graham served as foreign affairs and defence minister in the early 2000s, and later as interim leader of the Liberal party.

Former prime minister Jean Chrétien — who told reporters on the Hill earlier that day that the solution to the Attawapiskat suicide crisis might be to move the entire community — was also at the book launch. (see here)

I asked Delacourt about her attendance:

delacourt .jpg1

She hasn’t responded.

Update: Somehow Delacourt was able to write a column about this debate from the Liberal event (see here). Quite the feat.





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  1. DAvid Weum Says:

    The majority of the electorate voted for this iincompetent, unsubstantial man. Aside from his party’s bizzare ideology and the media’s complicitness, he’s going to ruin the industry of this country. For all our generations of effort, Canada will be little more than drawers of water and HEWERS of wood. And beautifully green. There will come a day when a 30 year old mother of two small children will demand heat and food, and lighting for her children. And in Canada the politicians who created the mess will be long gone. And that mother will not receive what she needs for her children because the windmills aren’t whirling and there will be no alternatives.

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