Liberal partisan plant asks Trudeau a question at NY event


Trudeau was in NY this week doing what he does best, posing for photo-ops and answering softball questions from students:

Young people need to get more involved in politics, Justin Trudeau told an audience of university students in New York City this morning.

“Young people need to demand more from their politicians, their business leaders, their community leaders,” the prime minister told students at New York University.

Strolling among them with his sleeves rolled up and a microphone in his hand, Trudeau said that there’s plenty of work for everyone to do to make the world a better place.

He received a rock-star welcome (see here)

Now, what are the odds of one of Trudeau’s climate change minister’s volunteers just happening to be chosen to attend and then be chosen to ask him a question?

telford mckenna trudeau plant

You’d think at least one of all the Media Party members who follow Trudeau’s chief of staff on Twitter would have wondered too.



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  1. Bocanut Says:

    Bozo couldn’t even give a straight answer to a planted question.

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